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February 13, 2008



So many cases where dogs are at a 'shelter' and come back in bad shape. It's inexcusable - can't the owner put up a bond while they await 'trial'?

Interesting about the DNA test, which you know I don't accept as reliable.

Since 'pit bulls' most resemble pariahs/village dogs/the original dogs, it only makes sense that a very mixed mutt would look much like Niko and other purported 'pit bulls'.

If all the dogs of all breeds were let loose to mix on their own, within a few years they would all look a lot like Niko again.

Breeds aren't species, they are minor variations within a species. Just as some humans are tall, some short, some dark, some light, some curly haired, some straight, etc, etc, dog 'breeds' are just variations on a common theme.

That's why the 'pit bull' is such a good choice if you want to catch as many dogs as possible, ie, limit, restrict and eventually eliminate dog ownership.

They are all 'pit bulls' in essence.


Yeah I`m with Caveat on that DNA test.
I`m very happy he`s out though.

Are owners legally prohibited from visiting "criminals" in custody?

KC KS Kills Dogs

Mac's Gang, the owners tried several times to visit their dog, but were denied visitation. A call was made to the Kansas Dept of Health that performs inspections of local public and private shelters to complain about the dog being kenneled for such a long period. No action was taken by the state. The state kept stating they could not interfere with a city's individual ordinances. I believe that needs to be revisited by the state and could be challenged.

The city leaders of Kansas City, KS are buffoons and do not care about public safety, nor how they spend their constituent's money.

This pitbull ban is costing the city; every time they have to house a dog for long periods of time, every time they have to send AC to court, every time the prosecuting attorney has to go court.

Unfortunately KC Kansas has a long history of abusing it's power and weilding it over citizens.


The reason I was asking was re "Rambo in Mississauga"

Owner was told it would be upsetting for all parties involved.
I think they mean bothersome for them.

I`m telling her to find out if she is legally prohibited from visiting.

I`m not interested in their opinion and neither should she be interested in opinion.

She can decide whether the visits are beneficial to the dogs well-being.

I wonder when the other side is going to get tired of their own nonsense?

I`m beyond tired of it.


My comment has nothing to do with Niko but everyone can help The Ontario Legal Fund and it won`t cost you a cent.

A wonderful family is donating 10 cents per comment to our Legal Fund(

It is a violin recital by their daughter.

They own a "Substantially Similar" Ontario "Pit Bull" and that`s the tie in.

Thanks for taking the time.
You don`t have to watch,you just have to comment.

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