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February 12, 2008



I left a comment for Mr Broom.
Just in case they don`t post it,I saved it for posterity over on the Pit Bull Place.
Mr Broom has been reading far too many headlines and not enough facts!


Wow. Why do people defend fiction and refuse to accept facts? That's the million-dollar question.

Somebody said in a news article once that 'pit bull' (whatever that means) bites are worse. Seems to me that the most severe outcome, death, has been caused by a wide variety of shapes and sizes of dogs - with 'pit bulls' not in the majority, even all the breeds and mutts people think fit that rather meaningless category.

Their ban is a failure, as is every ban put into place globally. Why can't they face up to it?

It's bizarre and it also highlights the fact that if this one issue of public policy is being driven by unsupported personal beliefs, you can bet a lot of others are, too.

Scary stuff.

Greg J.

LOL It's "because" K Nelson is in the back door telling them the way "it is"...and we only need look at the Colleen bite blog which puts 10 pitbull incidents and more per day out there, to see fuel for the fire. One needn't look any further than Nelson/bite blog. It's all there. Every argument ever made up. And a few extras.

As for Aurora and proving whatever they want at trial, they didn't submit any evidence into the Pretrial order, nor did they submit an expert who might testify to any of those things. That leaves them w/the dog fanciers case which everyone probably doesn't know, claimed all pit dogs have 14 (count 'em, 14) different traits that makes them the grenades as opposed to firecrackers according to Nelson. I read that on the bite site.

Lori G

With regard to this statement:
Neighborhood Services director Nancy Sheffield, who presented statistics related to the ban to council, said it stands to reason that bites from breeds other than the "fighting dogs" banned by the city won't be as severe.

If Nancy could answer the question;
If your face gets chewed off by a Collie or it gets chewed off by a Cocker Spaniel, or it gets chewed off by a 'fighting dog'? Whatever the heck that is? What exactly is the difference? Your face is still missing man! I see no reason at all in Nancy's statement.


You should contact the bizymoms Aurora community to get your blog featured to their large mom community. I am sure they would love to read your posts.

There is a form on their expert page,

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