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January 03, 2008



If you can help foster/adopt a Rottie please contact

Shelter has a 3yr old rottie male who is to die for. Kristie (one of our volunteers) met him today and he's a total lover, loves to be hugged, doesn't care waht you do to him, she pulled his feet, squished his toes, looked at his teeth and he just kept rolling over for belly rubs. She took her husband and he was great with him too.

Social Mange

To quote you...
"it's amazing to me that cities continue to ignore these resources and in fact, appear to work really hard at pissing them off."

We are SO on the same page here. But instead of utilizing valuable volunteer resources and reducing the taxpayers' burden, overpaid and underworked bureaucrats are busy protecting their fat salaries and perks at the animals' expense.

The management level of animal control in Toronto sends out voluminous, meaningless letters instead of stomping on the workers who sleep in trucks and do nothing, thereby tarnishing the reputation of the people who work hard and do care about the animals.

harley lynn

i believe that a good name for nameless would be reef..

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