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January 08, 2008



LMAO! I can't help it, every time I read quotes from Skeldon I crack up! He and Nelson should take it on the road, they're a laff riot.

Yes, sterilizing 'pit bulls' should clamp down on drug trafficking alright.

What happened with Skeldon's being investigated for animal cruelty? Does anybody know?


[quote]If someone can please let me know why it makes sense to send a dog catcher into a drug house to be sure its spayed or neutered[/quote]

Part of this makes sense
By all means send Tom in, but have him spay or neuter the drug dealer so they can`t procreate and produce more little drug dealers.
Hopefully they`ll slap him around a little bit before he manages to get the job done.

What an idiot he is!


Can law-abiding Ohio "pit bull" owners sue Skeldon for defamation?

And yes, what did happened with the animal cruelty charge against Skeldon? He never addresses that.

Repeat after me, Tommy Skeldon...
"It is the owner’s deed that should be the issue and the subject of any law. Not the shape of the dog."

Now, that's rational. Unlike most of the BS that people spout for BSL.


This reminds me of the advice my grand pappy told me as a small child: "Be sure not to cause more trouble than its worth to someone to put a bullet in your head."

Words to live by I tell ya...


I wonder if he's noticed the correlation between sex offenders and toy breeds? He gets this week's dumb ass award!


With comments like Skeldon's, I am embarassed to live in OH. GRRR...


Tom Skeldon is a killer - and that's all.....He doesn't do anything for the community and the love and protection of animals. Is he just here to 'destroy' the pit bull community???

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