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January 28, 2008



Just read this.
What can you say.
Will wait for the facts on Jim`s blog.
I equate the Main Stream Media with reading comic books, only comic books can be amusing at times.

Karen Delise

The media has left out or ignored some very important details on this case.
Let's see if they print them in the next day or so.
Let's also see if they report the autopsy results.
I wonder how they determined this woman "was mauled to death by the dogs" since the autopsy has not been performed.
Must be the same reporters who reported Ving Rhames' dogs killed his caretaker.

KCK Kills Dogs

The media isn't just being bashed anymore by just us dogpeople. Tune into the HBO series "The Wire". This season's series follows a Baltimore newspaper; budget cuts, sloppy or nonexistent research, and use of questionable sources. It seems lots of people are noticing the media's lack of facts and reliability for hardcore news.


Maybe the 'pit bulls' shot her...I do expect to see a headline like that in the near future...


[quote]Maybe the 'pit bulls' shot her[/quote]

That`s not so far fetched


This is an interesting story and it reminds of an attack here in KC yesterday. I heard it on FOX 4 at 9pm. Anyway a pit bull bites teenage daughter then claws at her brother I believe. People there say the dog showed no aggressive behavior before. So the dog was taken away but even if it comes out that the dog maybe wasn't up to date on its rabies shoots, like any story that they media puts out, unless there is some huge trial and the pit bull is an athlete, politician or celebrity of some kind then we'll be hearing follow ups. Other than that we'll never hear about this again and FOX 4 will run some story containing porn in it to get ratings just like they do with the word pit bull. I've yet to see these pit bulls every time there is a story about them.


Oh, now, Karen, you're teasing us.

I feel pretty confident there is more to this story than "pit bull eats owner".

Karen Delise

Sorry Brent, I wasn't trying to tease you. I just want to be sure that what I say is based on fact and not on speculation, which is why not much can be said about this case yet. But, I will say this -- in my experience if a preliminary autopsy of a victim comes back as "inclusive," then I suspect the dogs did NOT kill her. When a person has been killed by a dog attack it is usually very evident - there is nothing inclusive about it.

Also that comment made by the president of Illinois Humane about it being "unusual for animals to attack the dead" is NOT true. It is well documented that dogs do bite their owners after they have died. Postmortem bites are not "unusual."

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