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January 03, 2008



Can`t help but notice the huge difference in the way it`s being reported though.

My heartfelt condolences to all involved.

Marjorie know my take on the claim the dog had never behaved aggressively before (and, thus, it was okay to leave it unsupervised with an infant???), and it subsequently attacks unprovoked. It just doesn't happen.

If no one was in the room at the time of the attack, and the presumption is the dog attacked the child because its foot was touched, this definitely hints at a known history of aggression with the dog.

I mean, experienced dog folks know that some people will allow their dogs to make the rules. And in that position of authority, sometimes dogs learn that physical threats (aggression) are the most effective and rewarding in getting them what they want. I, of course, wouldn't tolerate a dog not letting me touch its paws, for one second. That's simply the house rule. The human gets to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and the dogs are expected to accept this, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Let's put this scenario into some kind of plausible perspective. Imagine my own dog, who has ACTUALLY never behaved aggressively, is left alone with a child. The child turns up mauled. What would be my first theory? ...That someone tried to touch her foot, so she attacked?!? Come on! It's ludicrous!!! This dog MUST have had some kind of aggression history, probably surrounding being touched on certain areas of its body, for the first theory conconcted to be that it attacked because its foot was touched.

So, in all likelihood, we...once again...have a moronic dog owner who's allowed the dog to dictate what the people in the house can and can't do, and a child (who doesn't know the dog's "rules") pays the highest price.

A few minutes of proper handling and training will teach any dog to accept being touched pretty much anywhere. To let the dog decide where people can touch it is a recipe for just this kind of (completely preventable) disaster.

How many more times are we going to read dog bite stories about people who didn't realize someone would be so negligent, he/she'd allow his/her dog to make a rule (that everyone else is magically supposed to know...even tiny children) that you can't go near it while it is eating or sleeping, or while it has a toy or treat, or you're not allowed to walk by the owner's property, or you aren't permitted to touch the dog's ears or its feet or its tail, or you can't make it get off the sofa or the bed, or it won't behave when it's above 70% relative humidity, or on Sundays, or when its wearing a blue collar?

Good grief.

People must be held accountable for training and supervising their dogs. Virtually every "dog problem" is due to owners who refuse to properly train and supervise their dogs. It ain't rocket science.


People are idiots. What is surprising is why I'm still surprised by that...

"Other options include ... relocating the dog, or having the dog wear a muzzle"

Because putting a dangerous animal in another environment will make them safer - except the folks that live wherever they move the dog. Muzzle? 100% of the time? This was in the dogs HOME.

"Dobermans, experts say, can get overwhelmed by loud voices or by quick moves made by children."

WTF?! Who are these "experts"? This isn't a breed thing...

"Mackabee, some in the building said, appeared to be well-adjusted, while others said differently."

WHAT did OTHERS say exactly?!? Nice reporting...

"I was surprised,'" Collado (the grandmother)said, "but I don't trust those types of dogs.'"

She says she doesn't TRUST them and yet she left the kid alone with it. Methinks Gma is on the pipe...


I should add that I'm terribly sorry this happened. While those involved obviously didn't make the best decisions this isn't an outcome anyone, and obviously poor little Andrew, deserved. I didn’t mean to sound callous to his death.

It's so frustrating when you keep seeing the same scenarios playing out and people refusing to listen to the truth that could LITERALLY save lives.


I did a general search on this story and it took some digging around to pull it up. However, if I did a general search on a pit bull story with the same makings, e.g. a child left alone with a dog, it would have come right up. In addition, we all know that if people blog around this story, around 70% of people would write saying the person was at fault. If people blog around a pit bull story, 70% of people would write saying the dog was at fault. This amazes and saddens me since dog attack stories are almost always written to a script that could have been avoided with general rules around responsible pet ownership.


Michelle - hear hear! I'm surprised too by how dense a lot of people are and that is surprising indeed since I've been around for awhile.

Of course Marjorie is right on - dogs have quirks like people but you have to try to desensitize them and not let them call the shots. Duh.

We don't know what actually happened because nobody responsible was present.

'Those kinds of dogs' - does she mean high-strung, nervous dogs? Who knows. I'd say dogs should be equally worried about 'those kinds of owners' - the kind that haven't got a clue, yet select medium to large dogs, especially from the Working, Herding and Terrier groups and expect them to act like Toys which have been bred specifically to be pets.

I don't recommend Toys with very young kids because the dogs can get hurt. Then again, I usually recommend against any dog with infants and toddlers unless the dog was there first. Better to wait until the kids go to school for a variety of reasons. In the meantime, you've trained your kids how to behave around animals, including dogs.

I tell kids to treat a dog the way they would treat a strange person they met on the street pr the way they expect to be treated - basically be polite and not pushy. It makes it pretty easy for them to understand but they have to be old enough, usually 3 - 4, to be able to get it.

This is a sad incident that could have been prevented with some planning and supervision. Too bad the message was lost in yet another superficial news report.

Shannon Marie Slack-Hamer

I am finally coming foward with my story simply because I feel like people need to know the truth about the situation. My son was Julian Slack and he was killed by a male pitbull on a military base in Jacksonville NC next to Camp Lejuene. I did leave him with a baby sitter to go to the store and pick up my husband from wok. The thing is that people have the story wrong. The pitbull was familar with my son and other children. The dog and my son grew up together. He wasnt my dog but he was my close friends dog and there was two of them a female that was pregnant and a male.
I was keeping the dogs because my friend had to go to a funeral in Detriot and she felt that if there was anybody that the dogs would be comfortable with it would be me since I have known the dogs since birth and I would take my children to her house and they would all play together. Now the male was kept outside simply because he was so hyper and he would knock over furniture and run all threw out the house. But he wasnt aggressive.
The day that my son died the owner went to go get her mother's car so she could take the dogs to another residence when she came back to the house she arrived on screams. She came in the house and she got the dog off of my son but by that time it was too late. He had lost too much blood and he is died in my husbands arms on the way to the hospital. That dog was not aggressive or trained to fight or anything so that comes to show you that these type of dogs are too unpreditable and should definatlely never be left alone with out adult supervision. I may be better not to have them around children at all because pitbulls lock on when they attack and it is extremely hard to pull them off. Parents I urge you to not put your children in harms way. I was a pitbull lover. I was suppose to get one of the females puppies, I wish I knew back then what I know now. If you could have seen him and the horror behind. Its a painful way to die and I just wish my son didnt have to go through all that pain to teach us a lesson in how unpredictable those dogs are. R.I.P Julain and mommy loves you.

PAMM - People Against Mad Mothers

Your son is dead because he wasn't being montitor properly with an over-excited intact male dog and a pregnant female. Don't blame it on the breed and take some responsibility for your/babysitters actions. IF you're really Julian's mom...which I doubt.


I totally agree that the people that were suppose to watch my son need to be held accountable and I will make sure that they are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, However you just like everyone else wants to put blame on some one and in this situation they were wrong, but maybe the next time it wont be the baby sitter it will be the parents there and they may not have left them unattended. THe attacked happened so fast. It took three people to get that dog off my son. He had bits to his arm his neck and he locked on to the side of his face. When they got him off my son didnt have an ear and his skull was exposed. He did some big damage in a short amount of time and no one expected anything like that to happen. Even the vet that put him to sleep couldnt believe that he would do something like that and as far as the female pit she was protecting my son, the male had bit wounds on him from her and the people that were trying to save my sons life witnessed that too. And as far as me not being the childs mother how insulting I just lost my son exactly 6 weeks ago and I have to live with the fact that my son isnt here any more, I have to explain to his two other brothers why he isnt here any more and what happened to him. SO as far as the validity of my story is concerned all I am trying to do is make sure other people know the entire situation and maybe use more precautions. You can choose not to believe me but all I know is, is that I refuse for my son to die in vain.

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