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January 28, 2008



According to the latest NHS report, dog bite figures are at an all time high in England, despite a nationwide ban on 'pit bull'-type dogs.

I should note that Staffordshire Bull Terriers ("the nanny dog") were exempt from the original ban. However, since they look so similar to 'pit bulls', and have the kind of conformation that makes them capable of performing similar tasks, it is becoming apparent that the losers who used to train their 'pit bull'-type dogs to behave aggressively have switched to similar-looking Staffies. British media reports of dog biting incidents are increasingly more heavily slanted towards those involving Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Indeed, I was recently in England, and people "explained" to me how Staffies "needed" to be added to the list of banned breeds. (Look for more calls to ban Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the UK, in the near future.)


"Is accuracy too much to ask for?"


Surely you don't expect our overlords in the media to actually read, understand and analyze reports? Reports are boring.

Are you suggesting that they should check their facts? That takes work, sometimes a lot of mouse-clicks and they might get eyestrain.

Next you'll be telling us that they should interview accredited experts when running news reports, rather than just quote-mining from people who present their personal opinions as evidence.

Have a heart, man!

Sabrina Kennedy

Aurora AC is not going to give out the stats of the actual report, and city council even "claimed" they didn't know the lawsuit existed against the ordinance in Aurora? If Aurora pulls their ban and tries to drop the case in Fed Court--(that could be their strategy) that will not make the case moot, but they will say it does. Not likely. Update on Tellings case--OHIO has waived even filing an opposition from what I heard. Interesting.

Social Mange

The average reporter and the average politician - both morons. They either can't, don't or won't read the facts. They just want their three-second sound bite and 15 minutes of fame.


" Update on Tellings case--OHIO has waived even filing an opposition from what I heard. "

ok, I'm ignorant on this...what do you think this means Sabrina? My first thought is OH is so confident they'll win they don't even want to oppose it. I have to admit..after the OH Supreme Court ruling I have NO confidence our legal system will do didley squat for us...NONE.

Sabrina Kennedy

LOL Few of us have much confidence in the Ohio system. But on the other hand, we surely hope that the Supremes don't necessarily think that just because one doesn't file an opposition, they are "winning?" Probably just the contrary. That sort of implies a smug attitude. And if I am not mistaken, that is not what the court is looking for. The Supremes overturn 80% of lower decisions. We hope to be in the 80%.

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