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January 18, 2008


Jim Crosby

Nice to hear they are coming to their senses....I have already been deposed as a expert fighting this and we are about to go to trial. Guess that Aurora recognizes that they are about to lose. Damage control I guess!


this is pretty controversial, either way...


Hey, Brent, you've arrived! You have a pet troll (Doug) and now a spam commenter.

I must be doing something wrong :>(


haha -- you can have 'em if you want! They don't require a lot of food and water.

Typepad does a pretty good job of weeding out spammers (although the occassional one gets through and a few good, legit posts get gobbled up by the spam filter which bugs me more). Now, if only I could solve the troll problem...


I want to make a note on this. I've just been informed that one of the "rules" they put in place in Aurora when they passed the ban was that they go through and analyze the statistics to determine how it was working. While the lawsuite is still going on, it isn't a primary driver for the council re-looking at the law.


I'm continually amazed by how much time city's feel the need to spend defending themselves from lawsuits for legislation that doesn't even work - and has been proven not to work in every instance. I'm beginning to think our legislators should be required to pass a literacy test before taking office as they apparently cannot read.

Does anyone know if there is a test available to measure common sense? It's sorely needed...although I'll admit I don't have enough sense to get what poetryman is trying to say. ;-)

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