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December 16, 2007



Being an Ontario resident this story really struck a chord.
Like Chico said, this guy can just get another dog tomorrow.
Only this time he may double his asking price.
Maybe this will be the new game in Ontario.
Flaunt your abuse of "Pits" in front of those that care and make a few bucks to support your drug habit or whatever.
I`m willing to be one of the good criminals in Ontario.
I`m willing to take in an illegal dog should the need arise.
People in my area know who to call.
They`re not going to call the authorities.
I`m not going to call the authorities.
I`ll hide the dog during the day and take it out at night.
I`ll lie to people about having another dog.
Of course I won`t be able to license it like I should.
I`ll have to make sure my Vet won`t report me if I dare take it in.
Why not,when their only option is to be killed or sent to a research facility.
Hell,I`m a criminal in waiting.
Welcome to Ontario.

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