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December 08, 2007



Great Roundup.

Re: Camanche, IA. Seriously, should people with so much misinformation really be considering amending dog control regulations? They didn't seem to have one accurate fact, yet were willing to take that walk down Crazy Lane. I just don't get it.

Mac`s Gang

You know I posted on that Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel letter and just when I think the comments from the peanut gallery can`t get any crazier,dumber,more insane or more racist,they surprise me.
I`m getting burnt out.It`s the same crap over and over again.
We need a big legal win in some country to shut these people up.
I hope it`s in Ontario Canada!
I`m getting so sick of this.
Why the hell isn`t the money being spent on putting an end to dog fighting instead of harassing innocent dogs and owners.
I`d love to have some of those dog fighters name names.
I`ll just bet there are some pretty powerful people involved in that.
I am just so fed up.

Mac`s Gang

Case in point

[quote]While pit bulls have a reputation for being aggressive animals, Atchison said, most are friendly, like the 135-pound pit bull that wandered into the Lawrence County Hospital Emergency Room recently.[/quote]

135 lbs??
Atchison is an AC officer!!!!!

Maybe he wandered in to be put on a wt loss program.


I don't bother with those comment threads much, unless I'm there and in the mood to post some facts, needle some clowns.

Waste of time, kind of like writing to the media constantly trying to educate them. I've pretty much stopped doing that, too.

Pick your battles is the best idea, ignore the yapping masses unless you feel like stirring the pot for fun. They are just victims of propaganda and don't know any better. Facts don't work against emotion very well, as we've seen.

The media, on the other hand, do know better so they are not excused. Ditto politicians.

Mac`s Gang

Good advice.
I have to stop reading their posts and go out and hit Tupper in the head with the frisbee.
Catch it Tupper,catch it!

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