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December 17, 2007



a lot of people crate their dogs when at work most people work 8-10 hour days. a dog inside a house in a crate is confined to a space where they cannot relieve themselves and can only get up turn around sit or lie down. i dont know about you but i would rather be tethered to a 10-12'chain and have an adequately built insulated dog house and a place with cover away from the sun. a 10' chain offers more room per sq/ft then the standard 10' x 10'kennel and allows the dog room to move about regularly. also when dogs are kenneled people when out in the kennel area are more likely to just pet the dog through the kennel. now when a dog is tethered it allows for much more human contact. I completely agree that neglect will cause aggression in some cases but it is the lack of human contact and socialization that causes this not the method of confinement. my dogs live inside and are not crated and have free run of the house but they still generally stay in one area. dogs do nut require much living space. what the need is proper socialization training exercise and care daily and your dog will be fine regardless of which method you choose to confine your dog.


ddbrep6 then explain the studies these experts did all you posted was opinions albeit worthy opinions they are still opinions based on no science. also i may only have anecdotal proof but look at sled dogs like alaskan huskies they are tethered on 6' chains which i think is extremely way to short but yet they are constantly interacted with and allowed free time to explore and exercise and they are very friendly. again i know plenty of people that tether there dogs but the dogs get a lot of interaction and also time off the tether and in turn a very friendly



I agree that the science on this definitely and clearly indicates that the lack of socialization is a far bigger factor than the chaining. That said, I do think that chaining causes other problems in that the dog itself is not protected. If it were in a kennel in a house, or in a small room, or even a small pen, it would at least be protected from other "invaders" that would come either for food or to cause a ruckus. On a chain they are not. This would cause an additional layer of reactivity beyond just the poor socialization.


KCDogBlog I agree there should definitely be a fence around the yard of dogs if they are tethered

Like many alaskan husky kennels the fence is separating the dogs from harm and then they are tethered


Yes -- often necessary for the Northern breeds because they are very good jumpers -- and runners :)

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