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December 26, 2007


Syed Zaeem

$24.5 billion ...... is a big amount people are spending.

Here is a site which describes the color, height, weight and other characteristics of almost every dog breed

KCK Kills Dogs

At a recent Kansas City Kansas city council meeting a new housing development in the inner city, with prices starting at $160,000, was rolled out. All the city commissioners agreed with the project but one; but Mayor Reardon's response was classic - Kansas City Kansas is taking a new path forward. Really now?!! Just who does Mayor Reardon think is going to move into those homes? He staunchly defends a 2 dog limit, BSL(even if it means AC steals the family GSD to keep the stats up), 1 offleash dogpark (in a field by the archery range of Wyandotte County Lake), and an out of control AC dept that likes to trump up charges on petowners and haul them into court.

I feel a letter and a one on one meeting coming up, this Mayor needs someone to share this information with him.


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