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December 29, 2007



This is really hefty, Brent, and I thank you for tackling it. It is very very serious and it is very very grim. And it is unfortunate that the people who really need this info will never receive/ get/ search for it.

So, how do we go about demanding that the Media live up to its responsibilities and HOW do we get the GP and our officials to CARE enough to require this??

KCK Kills Dogs

I was recently watching a show (a rerun) where Al Gore was a guest. He was discussing the media - how it's changed from hard hitting investigative reporting to yellow journalism and making profits. It was interesting that a political type publicly acknowledged the stance of the media, that all of us already know about.

Al Gore went into more detail than just that one line; but every politician that relies on media reports to pass insanely crappy legislation should've watched that segment (regardless of party affiliation).



I bought Al Gore's book "An Assault on Reason" - which he highlights a lot of the problems with how the media portray's things in giving us factual information so we can actually make up our own minds on things. I've only just read the first chapter or 2, but it's an interesting read and he certainly has the same perspective I do on it.

As someone who has a Journalism degree from one of this country's top Journalism programs, it pains me to see what the industry has become. While there are certainly great writers out there who strive to do things the right way, even some of those I've talked to bemoan being short staffed which keeps them from doing things the right way all the time.

Becky, I have no idea how to solve this problem. None. Trying to figure it out. I'm making a trip to my alma mater after the first of the year to get their perspective on it.

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