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December 01, 2007


Jm Crosby

Thanks for the mention, Brent. To amplify just a little, since I am waiting for the final interview:
Yes, the dogs were neutered males-neutered only a year or so ago AFTER problem behavior had steadily worsened.
Yes, there were signs of problems-that went unrecognized by the owners that considered the aggression 'normal'.
Yes, other people's dogs in the area act very much the came, so it is indicative of an overall lack of EDUCATION by the community authorities that helped set this one up.
I think this case shows how otherwise well meaning and kind people can set the stage for a tragedy by not understanding normal versus problematic dog behavior. Legislation would not have helped here, because any dog with the same sequence of behavior escalation would have resulted in the same outcome.
Stay with it, and as I post more cases on the new blog I hope people will read, discuss, and learn from these tragic cases.

Mac`s Gang

Tragic for the family and my heart goes out to them.
This walking of multiple dogs by one owner has always concerned me.
I have always owned 2 dogs but have always walked them separately(not because of their behaviour) but because of situations that I might encounter.My rule is always one dog under the control of one person.
I have witnessed this,where one dog is not under control,let alone the 2nd.
Also there is the risk of encountering a loose dog without an owner going after your dogs.
And that`s a difficult situation to control.
Is this a legitimate concern?


Wow. Didn't I describe this exact scenario in one my comments on a recent thread? ...Further investigation would find that the dogs had, indeed, behaved aggressively before and that the aggressive behaviour was minimized, dismissed, or considered "normal"?

I mean, I can't emphasize this enough, "An unprovoked bite is never the first sign of aggression in dogs. It's the last."


Hi Jim, Congrats on your new blog, I'll add it to my blogroll. I had the pleasure of chatting with you in KCMO at the conference. I'm the 'platinum blonde' from Canada with a wiener dog.

I walked my mini Dachshund and my Rottweiler cross together for years. I currently walk my two Brussels Griffons and my Dachs together. The trick is to keep them in formation, which takes some practice, otherwise it's the Siamese torture test!

If I had two dogs the size of my now dead big guy, 85 - 90 lbs each, it would be difficult, if not impossible to feel confident on leash walks. I'd be seriously outweighed so if they went after a squirrel or something it would be tough. No matter how well trained to walk on lead, things can happen. Plus, they influence each other's moods and behaviour.

It's just using common sense, really.

So, Marjorie, when will you publish some stuff so I can find it in PubMed or a similar place? I'd love to see your findings out there.


How can you even ask?!? The research, alone, was gruelling, time-consuming and expensive. To go back to square one and re-format everything, and update it with more recent info., to turn it into a satisfactory scientific research paper, would be a nightmare. (I mean, I didn't do the research with the goal of "being published".) I don't have the ganas for that kind of work, anymore. Besides, I'm happily R-E-T-I-R-E-D, as you well know. With the exception of one new BSL-related project I'm finishing up, I'm leaving the future up to the next generation.

It's a pity there aren't more people willing to do the hard work. As I was alluding to earlier, it seems everyone wants "someone else" to do the research, so they can just quote it.


Since you've done it, it would be nice to be able to 'quote it' when the buffoons starat their nonsense.

There's a real paucity of published, quotable evidence out there around out 'little problem'.

I'm actually working on getting a pilot study off the ground myself which takes time. If it works, I'll do a full study. Whether it will be published remains to be seen but I plan to make the data available to people who might find it useful once it's been gathered and cleaned.

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