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December 27, 2007



OK, the first story stunk - they put a file picture up on these cases - the dog shown was NOT involved. The newstations here do it all the time and even show unrelated film footage.

Very weird story - I hope those at fault are punished severely. Albeit too late for this poor woman.


There`s a bit more in this article in case you haven`t come across this report yet.
I hope the owner of these dogs is held fully accountable,regardless of what type they are.


Well, if it was the one apparently saw the attack. And their AC is a real winner. Hopefully Jim will make a trip out there....


There`s another article I just came across.

Interesting comment by one of her daughters

[quote] "It doesn't add up. It's so out- of-place, I don't even know what she would be doing there," said Rhonda Dugger, 29, another of Caldwell's daughters who also lives in Yermo.[/quote]

I hope this is one of the cases that Jim looks at.

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