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November 04, 2007


virgil mccubbins

i hope someone in our beloved usa can get there heads on strait and come up with one unified decision on animal control laws such as leash laws and so forth . it seems that everyone has there own way of dealing with this issue and its open game on owners of our beloved pets when in actuality ther should be a set of laws that everyone should and i say should abide by but that just dont happen in the real world for some reason. when people start bending rules to fit the way they want the law to read then our society might as well throw the constitution out the window ,whose going to abide o4r much less follow the rules anyhow .i guess were all animals anyhow so wouldnt it be in our best intrest to say ill do as i please cause there isnt any rules anyhow . in our beloved country we ARE INNOCENT until proven guilty but not our pets ,any controversy just kil them,problem solved? that just dont work for me . a animal cannot speak for itself and trusts in us to take care of them and when someone else decides the fate of anothers animal we mightas well say thge heell with it all and turn into animals ourself then the government could just put us all to sleep. this is my thoughts on a ongoing issue im currently inved in . im reaching out for help for my pet at any cost im in plattsburg mo where they bend the rules to fit whatever they want to do at will, surly there is someone who can help . god bless our pets and there loved ones

Laura G

When Indianapolis was considering BSL a few years ago, the people at Indy Pit Crew exhibited a map produced by Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. The map indicated the location, by way of color-coded dots, of every call that the ACO's had gone on the previous year. Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of the dots were clustered in certain zip codes.

Interestingly enough, the BSL-obsessed mayor (who has since been sacked) had just declared a war on the high crime in a few selected zip codes.

Want to guess what they had in common?

Yep. Lots of people who refused to comply with laws, much less animal ordinances, a lot of loose, mismanaged dogs (of all kinds of breeds), and a lot of frustrated citizens who deserved better from their local goverment than a "silver bullet" solution for a complex problem.


And don't forget the good people that got "watchdogs" because they were tired of getting their homes broken into. There are a lot of good people in these neighborhoods (they never make the news either), who live in fear because the police are unable to provide adequate protection. So they get a dog (they can't afford an alarm system) for protection, and because training a guard dog is a highly specialized skill, they end up endangering their family or the neighbor's kid. But yeah, if you follow the crime, you'll find the dog bites, for a variety of different reasons. The dogs are just a symptom of a much larger societal problem...

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