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November 15, 2007


KCK Kills Dogs

I hope all the citizens in this very corrupt city band together and file a class action lawsuit against the Unified Govt, KCK, and the entire KCKAC. I hope they sue the crap out of the city and get every AC officer from the top down fired. Yes, Capt Horn (who won't talk to any of the task force or meet with any of the other reputable organizations that have tried to help him implement up to date animal welfare reform such as TNR for feral cats, etc.). All the officers of this AC lie, steal people's property, take people to court and fine them on false charges.

Nothing but scum work at AC. A few years back the Ethics committee reviewed the record of an unnamed AC officer that was abusing animals in his care. He was kicking and beating dogs that were in the city pound. Gee why didn't the head of AC at that time fire this animal abuser? Why did it take actions of the ethics committee to finally get rid of this employee? How many others like him/her exist down there.

The AC officers will declare anything they can get away with as a PB. I have seen some of the dogs that they confiscated first hand, they are picking up labradors, Catahoulas, and I guess now GSD mixes. I would like to know what the bonus is each AC officer receives to confiscate dogs that he/she declares are PB's to make the dept's numbers look good.

My recommendation to anyone thinking about moving to KCK in one of those nice new homes - DON'T. Anyone still living there - band together and file a class action suit. The citizens of this city deserve decent, honest, trained, caring AC officers; especially in light of all the high taxes they pay lately!!



This is unconscionable behaviour and it's time for a major shake-up.

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