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November 13, 2007


KCK Kills Dogs

Please note the Unified Govt of Wyandotte County had no comment on this lawsuit for the media. The city, county has to pay out $8,000!!! Gee what couldn't the city do better with $8,000, like put it towards a mobile s/n facility for the inner city, etc.

Mayor Reardon and the entire city council need to get their heads out of their butts (yes I said butts) and consult either with the original AC task force or experts from the local Animal welfare (not Animal Rights) community. Oh Gee Mayor Reardon could talk to No More Homeless Pets or better yet Kansas City Dog Advocates on these issues. If I were the Mayor I would fire the PR nimrod giving you advise.

Mayor Reardon needs to clean house down at AC, starting with Capt Henry Horn, then Officer Schwartz and on down the line. For too long this group of wanna be's have been targeting dog and horse owners that are not creating the problems in the Animal community and fining the heck out of them, or just outright confiscating their property and killing their dogs. Judge Ryan seems to condone all this and goes right along with the fining of these folks.

KCK AC does not routinely go into the neighborhoods where real criminal abuse and neglect is being carried on daily; they don't consider that a priority because they know they won't get any money out of those folks in fines.

Getting rid of Jack Jones, the former head of AC was not the solution - turning the whole city shelter over to a private animal shelter would be a good start. We need people that care about the animals in their care, about finding homes for the adoptables and offering education and advise to the citizens of KCK.

Then the city needs to hire qualified AC officers to actually do their job, enforce the leash law, enforce the KS felony animal cruelty laws, enforce felony dogfighting laws. Repeal the pit bull ban, repeal MSN, repeal pet limit laws (especially that stupid 2 dog limit) and enforce noise and odor oridnances. And AC needs to quit trying to meet this revenue quota of fines targeted at good dogowners.

When are the citizens of KCK going to stand up for their rights??!! One man just did, I challenge the rest of those citizens wrongfully targeted to step out of the shadows.


I am sickened by KCK. I hate that I live right off State Line (but on the Missouri side - thank goodness) and that I breathe the same air as Mayor Reardon.


Well, maybe if people keep suing them and they keep losing, they'll be forced to review their program.

Sounds absolutely horrible in KCK.


The special committee that drafted the policies for KCK was composed of the then director of the Humane Society, one vet well known for spay/neutering all dogs very young and a few others. The vet community and dog community in KCK do not like the recommendations that have since become ordinances. Please remember that this all happened prior to Mayor Reardon taking office. And now we can't even get "talk time" with the city council regarding any dog ordinances or practices.

Karen Bales

I am facing the same issue with KCK Animal Control. We were trying to get our City tag for our 2yrs old Boxer/Rot mix. We had gotten him neutered he is up to date on his shots. We attempted to get his city tag and they took him into custody saying he is a Pit/mix. Dr. allen at Coronado Animal Hospital and Dr Johnston at the Humane Society have both documented that he is a Boxer/Rot mix. As of today 11-6-08 my dog is still confined in a dirty cage at Animal Control. Office Swartz and Capt Smith neither one will accept any documentation that he isn't a PIT mix. We have proof from the parents of our dog, 3 vetenarianes but they will not release him until we go to court. Please if anyone out there can help us get our dog back and out of that dirty kennel contact me.


I really hope you get your dog back but this (Identification) is one of the problems with BSL and there are many.

Your dog wouldn`t be dangerous simply due to being a PIT mix(If it was) and it isn`t necessarily NOT dangerous because it`s a Boxer/Rott.

They`re individuals and that`s how dogs and Owners need to be assessed.
Responsible owners and their dogs need to be left alone no matter what they own.

If? you were a Breed Ban supporter before,I hope you now see the dangerousness and foolishness of Breed Bans.
(I have no idea of your views prior to being personally impacted maybe you opposed Bans)

And I hope others start to see it.

Breed Ban supporters need to start calling for an end to this.


Yes, indeed. The trouble with 'breed' (ha ha ha) bans is that very few are worded so that non 'pit bull' (ha ha ha) types are excluded.

What I mean is that most laws are written to name a few purebreds then add in any dog that LOOKS LIKE them, not is related to those breeds necessarily.

So, technically, certainly here in Ontario, even if your dog is a purebred Boxer there is nothing that says you are safe from persecution by some conehead at animal control. And of course almost anything crossed with a Boxer looks like a 'pit bull' anyway. The failure to exclude is just one of the many obvious flaws in the Ontario legislation.

And of course, there's no such breed as 'pit bull' anyway, so everybody is just guessing - killing lots of mutts in the process and very few actual purebreds which are supposedly scary but are actually better behaved statistically than many so-called 'friendly breeds' (double ha ha ha).

I've had it up to here with all the fiction and outright lying going on out there about dogs.


Well tomorrow is our 1st court date in trying to get our dog Brutus out from KCK AC. We are hoping for the best. THe owner of the parents will be going with us. We have all our documents from the vetenarians. So keep your fingers crossed all goes well. The Humane Society agreed to do a DNA test for free but Capt. Smith and Officer Swartz refused to let it be done. (Go figure) We did meet with a wonderful lady on Saturday and she gave us lots of good advice. I'll keep everyone up to date on our fight. But this is only the beginning WE as citizens of a FREE country cannot let this happen to anyone else. If we continue to let them do this we might as well be living in 1940 Germany.


Karen, please let us know how it goes. Our fingers are crossed for you! This is such an absurdity.


Good Luck
I hope you`re successful in getting your dog back.


If you would like to join the fight against BSL in KCK PLEASE email and I'll add you to our eNews list. We are also looking into the possibility of a class action lawsuit. If you are a victim or lawyer please contact us.

Isn't refusing to get your dog medical treatment considered cruelty? KCK is refusing to treat Karen's dog for its ear infection.

Good luck Karen.

Karen Bales

Well, we got Brutus back yesterday. He was in such bad shape we had to take him to Welborn Animal Hospital. Judge Ryan and Megan Shultz in the prosecutors office both were terrific. They release him and dismissed all the tickets. When we got to AC Office Swartsz and Capt Smith neither one believed the tickets we dismissed and had to call the jugde to make sure we hadn't forged the tickets. Brutus has a staph infection, kennel cough and swollen joints thru out his body. His pads on the palms of all 4 feets are bruised and swollen. His legs are swollen, he has fluid behind both elbows. 1 chipped tooth. He lost 10 lbs. in 13 days. He was neglected and abused. We will be talking to channel 4 tomorrow. I need a lawyers help to sue Animal Control and I want Officer Swartz fired for animal cruelty and neglect. He was given two kinds of antibiotics and 1 pain medicine yesterday from DR. Bock. We will get him healthy again it will just take time. No animal deserves the kind of treatment he got from AC. He didn't belong there for any reason at all. I called them 3 and 4 times a day ever day he was there and Officer Thompson and Swatz and Smith kept telling me he was just fine. They refused to let us see him to see that he was fine. Now i know why, hew wasn't. We will keep you updated and we will see you in the news. Thanks for the all the support. Out mission has only just begun.



Congrats on getting Brutus back. I'm so sorry (but sadly, not terribly surprised) to hear that he had such a rough go at AC. Friggin' butchers. Be sure to get lots of pictures of him in the poor condition and try to get your vet ready to testify. I'm glad he's on the road to recovery.

We will continue to help and provide support in any way we can. Please let us know how we can help.

Bryan Nelson

Apparently the animal abuse by Kansas City, Kansas Animal Control continues. We have been taking care of an aging German Shepard who suffers from hip and joint disease. During the last 10 days his condition worsened to the point he cannot stand up, and it is even difficult for us to move him without causing pain. During the last few days we have had to feed him by hand and place his water bowl directly under his head so he can drink.
On Tuesday November 9, 2010, for some unexplained reason, KCK Animal Control arrived at out residence, place a looped cable leash around his neck, and dragged him approximately 20 feet down the gravel driveway. They then literally picked him up by his neck and threw him into their vehicle. I was not at home at the time, but fortunately we had a security camera focused on him, and my wife was able to view the entire incident. When she called to tell me what had occurred she was absolutely hysterical. I can not comprehend the pain he must have suffered.
Immediately afterward I called 911 and reported the incident to the police. Incredibly, the dispatcher informed me that I would have to deal with this matter through animal control! When I called animal control I was informed there was no one available to speak with, but that she would have Captain Smith return my call. I never heard back from him. This is a disturbing example of city officials covering for one another. I thought animal abuse was a crime!!! If my son abused an animal in this fashion, do you suppose the police department would simply refer the matter to his parents for disciplinary action?
When I arrived home about 3 hours later, I found a Notice from Animal Control in the mailbox: "You need to call ASAP! Your animal was impounded. Possible condition that would require medical attention." I am sure that he will require considerable medical attention now that he was dragged across the gravel on his diseased limbs, roughly thrown into the vehicle, and placed in a cage. I am also certain he is not receiving the attention he needs while in custody. This is animal abuse in the first degree. Something must be done to prevent it from continuing! Please help.


Bryan, one of our members that lives in KCK has emailed you to help with this but hasn't received a response. Please email us at and we will help you fight! I hope you get this ASAP!

Bryan Nelson

I have now made contact with the KCK member and she was very attentive and helpful. Hopefully, together, we can do something that might help change the way KCK Animal Control treats animals.
I have still not received a call back from Captain Smith or animal control, and at this time we do not know whether our dog survived the treatment he received.

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