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November 29, 2007



I'm not even going to give them a web hit.

This whole thing is so last century and as usual, the MSM is out of touch and out of date.

I guess they are frantically trying to keep the best attention-getter in decades alive and kicking. 'Pit bulls' are their bread and butter - you can always spot a slow news day.

They won't get attention from me anymore. I've had it.

I figure when we all race over there to check out their 'reports' we boost their audience share, so it's mission accomplished for them.

The MSM have proven to be unwilling to do even minimal research, unable to determine who is an actual expert and even incapable of understanding our core issue.

They are irrelevant.

This doesn't mean I won't continue to read my news alerts and look for items of interest but I'll be posting links much less often from now on, relying instead on excerpts and pdfs if the article is truly interesting. Which most aren't.

This is not intended as a criticism of you for posting the link at all.

I'm just frustrated and fed up with the MSM and their callous disregard for the evil they have wrought as a result of their quest for increased advertising revenue.

That's why I refer to them as carrion-eaters.

Mac`s Gang

Has news become the new "reality" show?
If you don`t have the "talent" to get on one of those asinine shows,you get on a "Pitbull" short.
Untrained dogs,irresponsible owner,end of story.
This is news?
News crew should be slapped upside their respective heads,then fired.


Trust me, the thought crossed my mind to just ignore this so that they wouldn't get the traffic. It's what this station wants. However, I've seen enough of the searches that come through that I just don't want that being the only voice on this subject. It's amazing to me that everyone KNOWS that this news station thrives on sensationalism, but then fails to realize that their 'pit bull' coverage is exactly the same as all the rest of it. This station actually did a story 3 weeks ago on the driving records of school bus drivers. They found 'gasp' two school bus drivers out of over 100 in a school district that had gotten speeding tickets. "Are your kids safe?" Seriously? I can barely think of a safer place for a kid to be than on a school bus..and I KNOW that more than 2% of the general population has had a driving offense. They're WAY safer in that school bus than if the parents drove them to school.

Anyway, it just drives me crazy that people believe this crap and don't rationalize this for what it is, sensationalism and fear mongering.

Mac`s Gang

My comment wasn`t directed at you for posting it.
I think this "style of reporting" does need to be brought to the attention of the public through your site.
Maybe more of the public will catch on.
This has become some sort of "sick entertainment"

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