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November 03, 2007



Wow. Just wow. You have done a great thing here.

It would be nice to see it published in a journal so we can reference it.

Kudos, Brent!


The spreadsheets are pretty ugly right now. I have 2 of them, on contains about 15,000 rows of information, the other is boiled down to 50 rows and 50 columns. I think I'm going to try to boil it down to a couple of graphs and post them over at KCDA's website in a white paper series we're going to put over there. I'll let you know when that happens (may be a month or two). I think this is really important so people realize that by focusing on the wrong things (breed) they neglect the right things and make the problem (if there was one in the first place), worse. I'd also love for others to do this in their cities because I would expect to find similar results in other places...just need the data points to prove it.


One other note. I was plugging away at my 2 major outlier zip codes that didn't follow the trend because they had more bites than their other stats would suggest they should. Turns out that in one of the zip codes, 13 of the 16 bites recorded last year came from just 3 households...meaning multiple bites (up to 6 for one of them) from the same home. So this one person (or 3 people), completely skewed the data in the one zip creating an outlier. The other outlier appears to have a couple of streets that are a problem in an otherwise good area...


Brent, thank you for this excellent work! This is extremely significant! Very interesting too! I agree w/ Caveat -- we need to get this published!

KCK Kills Dogs

We need to collect this data for KCK as well. It would be interesting to show this to the Northeast Neighborhood group that had originally approached the former mayor of KCK about their high stray dog issues and biting dog issues. All the northeast neighborhood group of KCK got was a couple of sweeps by the AC truck and absolutely nothing else. Too many politicians have been feeding this neighborhood a bunch of bull$$it for a long time and not are not willing to invest any funds that would improve public safety in regards to dog issues.


The link to NCRC is broken since they updated their website :o)

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