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October 01, 2007



19 puppies were euthanized based on the assumption of an ACO. The assumption was the male dog is a pit bull and he is the father of both litters. Even though the ACO knew nothing about the mother dogs or witnessed the breeding act his declaration sentenced all those 4-5 wk old puppies to death.

The day the dogs were outside was a lovely spring day. There was water even if it was a kids wading pool. Do you really think dogs care if they drink out of a bowl or a big kiddie wading pool? The pool was up higher on a balcony so the puppies wouldn't accidentally climb into the pool and drown. Since the puppies were so little they were still nursing and did not need the same amount of water as the adult dogs. All the dogs were fed in the house in the morning. All the dogs were a good weight, no nasal discharge, or eye infections.

If this is neglect in KCK's dog population and these dogs were in imminent danger; why isn't KCK AC picking up a whole lot more dogs that are in deplorable conditions?


That is a very good example of the stupidity of the AC!
Piss on them for actions like that!!!!!
That is why I sold my house in grandview and moved, I was scared they would take my family pets and kill them before I could do anything!!!!

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