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October 17, 2007



I feel so sorry for this lady. If I could I would pay to help her move!
Once agian GRANDVIEW SUCKS A**!!!!!!!!!


When you institute a witch-hunt, this is the result.

It's a sad state of affairs when innocent people can be hurt for no reason other than that they have a dog.

Simba looks like Old Yeller to me. Kind of a black-faced cur crossed with a lab, maybe a bit of boxer in there somewhere.

Big deal. It's a nice old dog owned by a harmless old lady.

I hope the neighbours who complained are proud of themselves. Takes a lot of guts to make a hostile, anonymous call that ends up with someone losing someone they love. A lot of guts.


My understanding is that it was not neighbors who made the complaint. The City of Grandview claims that the construction crew made the complaint, however the crew has stated that they did not. Sooooo..... This city is not truthful. Hmmmm... didn't we just see this in Grandview??

Where is the required WRITTEN COMPLAINT and WHY would Ms Williams not be privvy to that info??

This all sounds pretty ugly to me -- and the saddest part of all is the fact that this really does NOT have to do w/ a dog at all.

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