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October 30, 2007



It's because 'pit bulls' aren't dogs anymore, they're something else - that's how propaganda works.

As for Clifton, who resurrected his nonsense recently? It's been cropping up here and there among the ignorant who valiantly try to do battle with those who know something about the subject. They think it's a scientific reference, for Dog's sake.


Oh my goodness, that story about a gang of people attacking police originally had this headline:

"Pit Bull Shot In Gang Attack On Police"

Online headlines often change to suit the editors, advertisers, or readership. And for anyone attempting to demand truth in reporting, this can be infuriating.

I'm amazed there isn't some ethical or (dare to dream) legal requirement for news agencies to acknowledge when a headline or any "facts" of the story have been changed. As you probably know, online news stories can be edited at will, and it's up to each company whether they choose to even add an innocuous qualifier like, "last updated..."

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