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October 12, 2007



I hope you're contacting the appropriate public offices & media in Sandusky, and making them aware of your findings. If we've learned anything about fighting BSL, you have to him 'em hard, PUBLICLY, in the fact department, so they can't later say they didn't know. (Dare to dream you might even educate some of them.)

If a proposed 'pit bull' ban is going forward, I'll be happy to put some cash towards buying a spot in the local print media, so dog bite facts & figures can be published for all to see. Let me know.


Good post.

It is so sad when people can't let facts get in the way of what is politically expedient. The old bureaucratic way of dealing with dogs is on its way out I believe, but not without kicking and screaming all the way.


Q: What's the surest way of reducing the dog bite satatistics for a given county?
A: Abolish the office that is primarily responsible for investigating the dog bites occurring in the county!

Shazam!!! - no more problems(reported).



Under normal circumstances I would agree with your conclusion. Obviously there's always a difference between "reality" and "reported reality". It's why I always think there is a difference between data and information...

But in this case, it's not animal control or animal enforcement agency that was tracking the was the county health department. So it's coming from treatments in hospitals...which wouldn't be affected by the lack of the local law enforcement. If it had been a change in the way things were reported, or law enforcement agency that tracked the numbers, you are correct, the numbers would be difference due to the number of "reported" incidences. But in this case, the county health department numbers should have remained relatively stable in spite of the change.


Please Get this info to Sandusky!! I was going to move there.. been planning it for years and not im thinking IM not going to because of this. I own an american bull dog, who has never hurt anyone!... IM also a dog trainer, an ex dop control officer and an EMT... Wife is an Elementary Teacher.... Soo as you can see, we are the kind of people that IM sure Sandusky is trying to keep out of the city.... Not all people who own dogs like this are selling durgs or fighing them!

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