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October 22, 2007



Good post, expose the fakers every chance you get!

I'm kind of sorry I read Clifton's drivel again though...


Thanks for this, Brent (also thanks for the ROVERlution plug!) I don't know much about the Star. I might read part of it if it's laying around in a Dr office or Q Lube, but I won't buy it. The reporting is too slanted and I feel they should be paying me to read it, since it's so full of ads.

Most important, they will print stories such as this one, w/o verifying the source or the truth. They will also print a bunch of yahoo hogwash by their own bigoted columnists. Yet they would not publish a couple of my letters because they said they could not verify my statements (such as the orgs and experts that oppose BSL or that Michael Vick was a thug and a hoodlum, stated before his arrest)


PS, excellent, hilarious point that the woman expertly and positively ID'ed the dogs as pits, yet did not notice if there were 2 or 3 dogs. This sounds like an explicit attempt to make this incident more dramatic than it was.

my 2 dogs are hellions. They love people and cannot get enough of them -- they frequently charge people (at offleash park) to jump on them and get the most attention. Mocha can jump as high as their heads. Fortunately these people know her and get alittle miffed, but know they are not being attacked. Those who do not know them may feel intimidated and as if they are being mugged.

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