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October 04, 2007



Oh my gosh. I hope she will put Simba at a safe house outside of Grandview on Monday. Why are people so stupid?!


I'm just baffled at how much time animal control officers spend dealing with dogs that aren't dangerous based on laws like this. Is the dog a pit bull? Is the dog under all the keepings and restrictions that the law entails? And not once does it even matter or is the question asked, is the dog dangerous?

The answer here clearly is "no"...but it doesn't matter. So while Animal control can spend several days, hours in court, whatever dealing with this little old lady's dog and telling her to find a new place to live, there are other dogs that actually are a problem that are being ignored elsewhere. This is exactly why every single city that has instituted BSL has seen an increase in dog bites and attacks following the enaction of the law.


Grandview is run by a**holes, I just made a comment on how I moved because of the stupid law!


Grandview has a very important election coming up in April. If we get the right folks in place we can get this law overturned. Morgan, even though you don't live there anymore I strongly encourage you (and everyone) to get involved in Grandview, your own city and any other city you can. Dog owners are running out of safe places to live. Olathe is a city that could fall if a couple of the wrong people get in place - the mayor has been pushing for it the whole time.

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