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October 29, 2007



I recently attended the Breed Specific Legislation meeting with Deborah Bresch of the ASPCA. She gave a great example of how overreported a pit bull bite is. In August, she tracked four days in a row where a dog bite happened that injured a person. The first three dog bites were not Pit Bulls, they received one or two local media write-ups. The last dog bite was a Pit Bull, it received over 230 write-ups.


That happens all the time - even a fatality may not get wide coverage. A few days ago a person was killed by a dog pack in OK. Where is the national, repeat coverage? Where are the rewrites that make it sound like a new story each time? Where is the tying in of unrelated incidents from different locations and time periods? Where is the call for a ban on these dogs, which were obviously genetically predisposed to attack?

Oh, they weren't 'pit bulls', so there's no point.

What I find puzzling is why Clifton's nonsense, widely discredited and I thought finally put to rest, is resurfacing lately.

I guess they have to find 'expert' LOL opinion where they can and support for discrimination against dog owners is a slim field, to put it mildly.

Clifton is an even bigger buffoon than Beck, for Dog's sake.

Jim Crosby

As those who attended my session in Kansas City recall, the issue of misidentification is a big one. That's why I go to the scene of the fatals as often as I can. I have the photos of some of the "Pit Bulls" that killed people...remember the picture of the Lab, Dobie and Benji-looking terrier that were carried as a "Pit Bull Attack" by the media and media dependant "experts"?
If we could only get more accurate reporting...but then "Pomeranian nips nasty child in face" doesn's sell as many papers as "Pit Bull Viciously Mauls Child".


And along the lines of 'media hype', here's one straight from the files of, "Including 'Pit Bull' in the headline increases market share":

http://, story #14449275

According to this news report, a "gang" of people, some with firearms, attacked police officers responding to a report of a fight that broke out at a house party in Bakersfield, CA.

At some point, someone released an alleged 'pit bull', which was summarily shot without injury to anyone. Onlookers were allegedly encouraged to attack police. Some used poles and beer bottles, according to the report. In total, nine people were arrested at the scene for a variety of crimes including assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer, participation in a criminal street gang, public intoxication, battery on a peace officer and resisting arrest.

I kid you not, the headline for this story reads,

"Pit Bull Shot In Gang Attack On Police"


Hey Jim, I attended and enjoyed your session very much!

It just gets ridiculous, doesn't it? As if the 'breed' is an important factor in an incident and even if it were, as if people can accurately identify dogs...will we ever win?

I sure hope so.

Mac`s Gang

It`s frightening how this Clifton report(??)
is being cited not only by politicians that have the power to pass BSL but is not being posted on various forums to back up people that are posting nonsense to begin with, but are now using this to back up their nonsense.
Do fatalities by other dogs mean nothing.
Isn`t the ultimate goal to prevent serious bites,stop fatalities and penalize irresponsible owners?
What are people thinking?
It`s almost become some sort of sick game to them.

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