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September 23, 2007



Your good Brent!
You need to own your own news station so the general public can hear the truth!
I love reading your blog I visit at least twice a day.


Thanks for the roundup, Brent!
It was nice to see a few positive stories in there this week.
But, did you notice that in the Prince Georges county attack story, the reporter mentions pit bulls about three times, though the attacking dogs were Cane Corsos. The reporter says twice that the man thought the dogs were pit bulls and then says that Cane Corsos "look like giant pit bulls." I'm surprised their little tagline didn't read "Man Attacked by Dogs He Thought Were Giant Pit Bulls."


lmao - I noticed the same thing- it even said something like "because of the size he thought they were pit bulls" - they range from 90-130lbs!! Only 30-70ish pounds more than APBT breed standard.

Another point, this area has a pb ban and the AC said CC are "increasingly popular" and can be "bad in the wrong hands, like any other breed." F'IN REALLY!?!? I wonder if the powers that be will get that the AC just said their breed ban is stupid and the bad guys are switching to a new breed - JUST LIKE WE KEEP SAYING! How many times does history have to repeat itself?

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