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September 11, 2007



I used to think they purposely got the biggest idiots to put on TV to interview for news stories. Since doing a TV interview myself, I know realize there is something about a TV camera that sucks the brain power out of your head.


Just watched this.
I thought it was very well done.
Covered a lot of the issues.
I especially liked that example you gave of the "family pet" kept chained in the basement??
That`s not my idea of a family pet.

Note to Michelle:
Have you seen the Michael Bryant interview where he can`t id the dog he`s banning?
Talk about a TV camera sucking brain power.I`m thinking he didn`t have much to begin with.
I had it posted on my site but I was told to remove it by the TV station.
But I can email it out for "home viewing" only!


Thanks Mac.Mike does a great job of running these interviews and making people feel comfortable. I had kind of expected a different line of questioning and got thrown off a bit and didn't quite cover everything I wanted to say. I was really greatful for the opportunity to do this with Mike -- and look forward to doing it again when the opportunity presents itself.

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