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September 19, 2007



Hmmm, I wonder if Alan Hill will now try to get French Mastiffs banned, or if this will be a learning experience for him that irresponsible owner behaviors need to be targeted to prevent dog attacks.


That would be to much to ask!
Its amazing how many people out there, no matter how much proof you have that it is not the breed they still think that pit bulls were brought here by the devil him self!
We have a rough road to travel as pit bull owners!


One more thing ... I read the story on the first attack by this dog on the 67-year-old woman and it is truly stunning the lack of responsibility the owner took for her dog's actions. First, she says that her dog went after the victim's dog, as if that were perfectly acceptable. Then she blames the attack on the victim and her husband, because they hit the attacking dog with walking sticks to get it off their dog:

Jeraldine Ownbey owns the mastiff.
"He went after the dog," she said.
Ownbey said her dog smelled the beagle and went after it. She said what made her dog bite Shelley was them beating the dog with their walking sticks ... She said if the Shelleys had backed away from her dog it would not have bit her.

It doesn't surprise me that this woman and her husband failed to protect the public from their dog, if that's the kind of unapologetic attitude they have. How much do you want to bet that they'll blame the latest victims, too. Maybe they shouldn't have gone past their house ... or if they just hadn't been jogging her dog wouldn't have attacked them. Sheesh.


MDog - do you remember the Nick Fabish incident? The woman locked her kid in the basement while she was because her dog was so vicious and the kid came upstairs for some reason and was attacked and killed. The MOTHER blamed the kid and said "typical Nicky, didn't listen" about her OWN CHILD! Some people shouldn't be allowed dogs or children...


Yes, I do remember that. I guess we shouldn't be so surprised that these people take no responsibility aftewards since it's almost always grossly irresponsible (human) behavior that leads to these attacks in the first place.

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