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September 17, 2007


Becky Dyer

Thanks for this, Brent. First, for the love of God, HOW and WHY does the media get away w/ banners like this, stating 'Pit Bull Attack', when it is blatently FALSE. As a dog owner, I really feel like suing them for slander.

Second, hmmmm.... note what a 'decent' (NOT) owner -did -- threatened reporters w/ a weapon.... Some jerk w/a gun gives dog owners a bad name. I wanna sue him too. I'm as sick of this BS as you. What do we do? (I'm calling the station on this one. Can we all please do the same?)


Channel 9 news is notorious for "yellow journalism". To contact them here's there link
On the left hand side scroll down to site tool / contact us/ select drop down box for general manager. Or you can call them 816-221-9999 or write them 6455 Winchester Ave, Kansas City, MO 64133.


Is there anything illegal about telling reporters/anybody to get the hell of your property and holding a shotgun while in your own home? Not to defend this guy specifically...just need to know for future reference.

As far as the rest goes - UGH!


Wow, just spoke with Tim Holderby. That happened because the attack was reported to them as a pit bull attack. They set up the story and only found out during the newscast that it was a Bull Mastiff attack. WELL, they have since found out it was a FRENCH Mastiff attack. They reported the retraction on First News, he says. The video is still up. Haven't checked out related stories yet. Tim said to feel free to contact him at anytime if we have any more on the story, lol. If anyone does, please post - maybe we can convince Tim to do a story on what REALLY causes dog attacks! I know, I know...


Interesting...the link to the video no longer works.


Oops, nevermind. It's my computer that doesn't work. :)


I sent them a nasty little letter...Thanks for keeping us posted on this stuff..


Good god. This dog owner seems like a real winner. Letting the same dog that attacked a woman two years ago run free, then pulling a gun on a reporter? What ever happened to just not answering your door?


Kansas City should start banning pit bulls before it comes an issue.
How many people have to die for this cause


Great idea Paintman.

Let's ban everything that someone could potentially die from in the order of the most dangerous to the least dangerous.

Here's a partial list of things that kill more people than pit bulls in an average year -- you can doublecheck my numbers here:

Stairs (so gone are two-story houses)
Swimming Pools
Using lakes
All power tools
Sharp objects
Anything pressurized
Bed sheets
Cigarette lighters
Hot Tap Water
Manual Labor

"Pit bulls" kill on average about 3 or 4 people a year -- compared to 66 people a year that get struck by lightning. The fear/danger surrounding pit bulls has been so completely overblown when in reality, your odds of getting killed by a pit bull are about 1 in 100 million. It's impossible to legislate for any accident that could happen -- nor would it be any fun to live without these things. But if public safety is really our concern, let's start with banning all automobiles and forcing people to only move using public transit. We'd save thousands of lives every year...


Oh Geez Brent! Don't dignify that idiot with a response. DON'T FEED THE TROLLS! He's banned on most other blogs as it is...


Ignore the paintman he is just trash that likes to piss people off and needs to die and get a job you drunk!


Dont listen to them Brent sometimes I'll bring in a good arguement.
Apparently this isn't one of them.

Michelled I thought we were friends.


Keep up the good work Brent.
More people need to read this stuff!
I grew up around APBT'S and my family and I will never not own one, I would rather move!!!!!

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