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August 04, 2007



Great post, Brent. All of your points were right on. Penn Valley definitely does not "stink like heck" and anyone who's been there knows that. And there's plenty of park space in Kansas City to accommodate dog owners, children and everyone else. Dog parks and offleash areas are amenities in very high demand, and they're amenities Kansas City needs if we want to have any hope of competing, quality-of-life-wise, with similar cities (like St. Louis) that are leaving us in the dust right now.

Deb Hipp

All great points. As the person who started the Waldo dog park intitiative and is one of the leaders, I can tell you that this proposed dog park has really gotten the parks department to notice Kansas City's need for off-leash parks.
They are currently looking into many more options in addition to just the one dog park that we propose. I hope that in a year or two, there will be lots of options for KC's dog owners.
Thanks for your support. Oppoents or not, we're working hard to get our off-leash park at Sunnyside approved.


I want to support the dog park. As a neighbor of this park, I can see absolutely NO drawbacks to an off leash park for dogs. Most dog owners are accustom to cleaning up after our pets and I'm sure an off leash park would be no different.

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