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August 18, 2007





Brent > Don Samuals

Samuals got owned. You should send that to Indy Pit Crew, maybe they can counter-post this by all those fliers. I still don't think that people could rationally handle it. It would blow their feeble minds like a kid who sees Santa take his beard off.

selwyn john marock

Scum like Nelson and Samuels got voted in by the people,now the decent people must vote them out.
They are Cowards that will not take on real issues,defenceless animals are easy targets.


Somehow, banning breeds of dogs became a "family value."

Tammy Grimes

Minnesota, mostly the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, has had a rash of chained dog attacks on children since April, this makes #4 I believe...Haley Fillion, 6, Minnesota, injured, Huyen Phan, 4, Minnesota, injured, Wyatt Fillion, 8, Minnesota, seriously injured, and now Zack King Jr., 7, Minnesota, killed. What I find oddest is that they don't really seem to be questionning much the whole 'dog chained in the basement' thing...sigh! To read the articles associated with these attacks, visit the MADC attack page at:


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