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August 30, 2007



People are ridiculous...profanity - oh grow up! Because cuss words are the issue here...this reminds me of how guys/husbands like to blame their girlfriends/wives for overreacting when they cheat (I'm sure it happens the other way around too).


This post says it all perfectly. Right on.

And since when - really, since WHEN - do public officials think they don't have to listen to constituents if those constituents happen to be unhappy?! Now only happy people are allowed to talk to the parks board?! Delusional is right.

Also, for Mr. Fierro to say profanity makes this go beyond the issues of transparency is the most bogus thing I have ever heard. He is a political operator who is trying to make WOOF look bad and not doing a very good job of it. (By the way, only two of about 40 people used profanity, so it's not like this was an angry mob screaming cuss words. I heard exactly two.) And WOOF members really only got angry when denied their right to speak - a very bad decision by Mr. Fierro.

This is what happens when a public body kowtows to bullying by one member, Aggie Stackhaus, who wishes to push through the desires of her friend. They know they can't do it above board with adult conversation and debate, so they turn to sneaky - and downright wrong - tactics.

All of the board members who didn't stand up to Ms. Stackhaus and do what was right should really take a good hard look at their own actions and apologize to the public. I expected more of them. And Mr. Fierro is only making himself look bad by allowing himself to be used as a tool to carry out Aggie "I'm loving every minute of this" Stackhaus' agenda, which obviously goes against public wishes or they wouldn't be so afraid of hearing public opinion.

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