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August 16, 2007



I love this pic but what I love more is what this pic shows - a good dog owner having fun with his dogs (and clearly caring for them). Your editorial of the pic is spot on, as usual.


I question the photog's motives...was she trying to capture the hot temperatures or Bruce's hot biceps? ;-)


That was a great photo! And great comments, too.

Hey, not to totally change the subject here, but I've been wondering what ever happened with Niko the mutt? His hearing happened August 9, right? Did the owners get him back?


No oddly enough the court system and KCK AC are trying their darndest to make Nikko's life HELL and the dogowners.

KCK AC showed up for court Aug 9th along with the dogowners lawyer. KCK AC did not have a signed letter from the city vet (who by the way doesn't even know if he has seen the dog, he just knows with Nikko's adoption paperwork and rabies certificate stating boxer the dog doesn't belong in KCK AC.) The only thing KCK AC offered was the option for the dogowner, Mike to sign a "Change of Ownership form". However KCKAC failed to bring the form to court, and no one has been allowed to read this form. The lawyer requested the form be sent to him so he could read it over. KCK AC kept saying that Nikko was a really nice dog. (So why did they confiscate him in the first place!!)

A new court date of Sept 13th has been set,and Nikko is still stuck in KCK city pound!! If Nikko is ever allowed out, it will cost a fortune in boarding fees.

The lawyer has reviewed the Change of Ownership form and if Mike, the dogowner signs it he is incriminating himself. The form is much more than a change of ownership to an owner in an area without a Pitbull ban; if signed the owner is admitting the dog is a pitbull and he will automatically be guilty of possession of an illegal dog in KCK. Then the dogowner will be fined $300-$1,000 and/or 90 days in jail. Problem is - Nikko is NOT A PIT BULL, he is a boxer.

The dogowner's lawyer has called the KCK City attorney about the issues with this form, since Nikko isn't a pit bull. But the city attorney has yet to return calls. Plus forcing the owner to sign this form is a Constitutional violation - this is akin to a criminal being forced to sign a confession to a crime in order to bond himself out of jail.

A new court date of Sept 13th has been set, Nikko is still stuck in the KCK city pound!! If Nikko is ever allowed out, it will cost a fortune in boarding fees.

We need a letter writing campaign to all the city commissioners (using snail mail, since they don't read their emails), we need a candlelight vigil (how bout doing it at The Legends), we need the media to pick up on Nikko's plight!

We would ask KCK residents to help, but they are too busy moving out of the city since not only does KCK confiscate your dog illegally, they confiscate your house illegally. (KCK has a new twist on eminent domain - but that is for another blog.)


Thanks for the update. I am outraged. I am interested in doing something about this. Is there an effort underway to protest this/get the media involved? If not, I would like to help start one.

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