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August 08, 2007



I've heard it all. Only white trailor trash, or Mexicans, or n====== own pit bulls. Its outrageous really. I see DMX and Jay-Z portraying Pit Bulls as pure fighting dogs, and neo-nazis owning Pit Bulls as gaurd dogs for the aryan race. There's also a famous Cuban anti-Castro rapper that goes by the name "Pitbull." And there is MMA fighting team that's called The NYC Pit Bulls.

But also, I don't know if anyone here remembers that song "dry your eyes mate" by the Streets (they played it a lot on 96.5) but anyway, the group is from England, that's right, England! Home to that dangerous dog act we keep hearing about. Anyway the singer is distort about losing is girl friend in the video and along side with him though is man's best friend, or in his case, his loyal Pit Bull. You can see it on youtube. The movie "SNATCH!" (set in England) also shows that anyone that wants a Pit Bull can get one. As a pet or to be used in fighting, but not to attack people, they use Rottwilers for that instead.

And Rachael Ray....god yes....Rachael Ray

(I'm sure no one got the point I was trying to make, so lets try this. What do John Stewart of the Daily Show and I have in common. Answer, we're both American Pit Bull Terrier owners......Like that hot Rachael Ray)


The first thing that pops into my head when I think of a 'pit bull' owner is a college-educated Caucasian woman in her thirties who has a decent income and owns her own house, among other things.

That's because the MyDogVotes survey found that the average 'pit bull' owner fits that profile.

In Aurora, CO they were thinking of bringing in a ban because Denver had one and they didn't want 'those people' moving to Aurora.

There is a distinctly prejudicial aspect to 'breed' bans - both racial and socioeconomic.

I think that's why dim-witted bureaucrats who admit their stupidity by promoting a ban on a shape of dog are often surprised at the level and quality of the opposition to the scheme.

Breed/mutt bans are nothing more than the witch hunt of our generation. Every generation has one. People of a certain reduced mental capacity seem to need to have someone (or something) to hate.

Some day I hope that our species achieves its potential and comes out of the muck. I doubt I'll live to see it, though.


I honestly do not understand what race has to do with the Michael Vick case, unless people believe that he is being prosecuted for a crime for which whites would not prosecuted?

All kinds of illegal stuff was found on Vick's property. Whether or not he is found guilty in a court of law, there was enough evidence of serious criminal activity to indict him.

Why would this have to do with race?

I tend to believe that Vick's case has gained the kind of attention that it has because of his status of NFL star.


While I am not a fan of Michael Vick or dog fighting, I think their are many indications that he is being railroaded, guilty or not.

Just because HSUS insists that the evidence is damning does not make it so. I think the public is taking HSUS statements about this case at face value. Poindexter was reluctant to proceed because the evidence collected in the initial search was weak. A yard full of pit bulls and some fighting paraphernalia might convict a poor person living in a trailer, but would quickly be torn apart by the kind of defense team that Vic could afford.

Still, the HSUS pushed hard to continue and quickly produced an array of hard evidence that repeatedly disappeared and reappeared from the media coverage of the case. Is anybody really sure about how many dog corpses they found on Vic’s property? What about the blood evidence and the fighting pit? None of these pieces of “evidence” are detailed in the federal indictment. Instead we are left with some pit bulls, some training and breeding equipment, the testimony of four jailhouse snitches, and some tips from a dog fighting hotline. I’m guessing neither side wants this case to go to trial. Vic and associates plea to minimize public exposure and HSUS gets a platform to promote mandatory spay and neuter legislation.

If we really want to stop or minimize dog fighting, we need to stop listening to HSUS experts and proceed the way southern sheriff’s deputies have been since the beginning of time. I know, it takes a lot of hard work to bust a dog fighter in the pit with the dog between his legs, but if all of the resources spent on Vic’s trial-by-media had been directed towards a surveillance operation, we might actually know if he is guilty. Instead, I don’t think we will ever know.

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