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August 15, 2007



OK, you got me. I registered.

I know Bill, Susan Hunter and Chris Cory. Hope to have time for a quick beer with my fellow blogger, if you aren't going nuts with the coordination.

Question: Are any meals provided, ie, is there a dinner or anything? I need to know if I have to bring fancy clothes with me for an evening event.

Looking forward to what should be a very interesting conference.



I'm pretty certain I'll make time for a beer both on Friday night and Saturday...I look forward to it.

Lunch will be provided both on Saturday and Sunday. We will also be providing a "light" breakfast (Bagels, croissants, coffee) both mornings.

Friday night we'll have an informal "happy hour" reception as people roll in if they're up for it. Saturday night we're doing a screening of Diva Dog early evening and then dinner is on our own. There are some pretty good restaurants close to the hotel, ranging from very casual to business casual. This area of KC isn't extremely formal, so REALLY nice clothes aren't going to be necessary for anything unless you're really looking for which case, I can point you toward a couple of great spots :)


Yeah Caveat we finally get to meet you in person!!! I read your blog all the time.


Blush...thanks, guys!

I'm looking forward to meeting you too - we may not always agree on everything but we have to stick together.

I'm glad I don't need dressy clothes - I'm a casual type too. As for food, beer and burgers work for me. Actually, anything works for me, foodwise...LOL

Great lineup you put together. Can't wait to learn more about my favourite subject!

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