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August 31, 2007



We do.


Brent, you need to make a post of Caveat's link...recently, we've had a lot of talk about people being "sick of BSL" and even pit bull owners don't seem to care if a ban did not pass in their city. The injustice to one person having their dog seized should be enough, but how breed bans effect ALL dog owners completely alludes most people.

Attempted bans: Desoto, TX - all dogs over 50lbs., podunk KS - ALL terriers. And all of these bans include anything that resembles a "pit bull" - this effect the vast majority of Lab owners!? Where are all the Boxer/Mastiff people? It is only a matter of time beforeall dogs over 100lbs is the next ban in fashion - which has happened in Iowa somewhere I believe...yep - that will include YOU Labrador owners!

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