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July 21, 2007



Hi this is actually my dog. Thank you for doing a blog about this. This is so crazy! What exactly happend is we were trying to find a new home for the dog, my cats were afraid of him because he tried to play with them and I just found out I am having another baby. Well we posted him on craigslist with his picture and no breed mentioned. There was a call asking about the dog and they were interested and wanted to come see it so our address was given. That is when the animal control showed up. Come to find out the person who called was Officer Schwarz. He admitted this to me. After taking Niko they called within 15 minutes to tell us the dog was deemed illegal and was a pit. Now it takes 15 minutes to get from my house to the pound. So how was that possible? Also my boyfriend spoke with the city vet, Dr. Swanson, the one who actually does the euthinzations on Thursday, he told my boyfriend that he has not even seen the dog and hadn't planned on being there until next week. Okay so there the AC lied, also the AC told me Niko had been seen by one vet, told Mike (boyfriend) he had been seen by three vets. Mike showed up down there and they would not show him the paperwork from the vets. Hmmm wonder why. Officer Schwarz also had told Mike that the dog must not be that important because we have not found anyone to transfer him to. It is pretty hard to find someone to take the time out of their day to come get a dog that is deemed a pitbull that really isnt one. Dr. Rose from Raytown Animal Hospital, where Niko was adopted from, was pretty upset as well. He wanted to know why the AC thought they were more experienced in deciding what breed a dog than he is, afterall it is what he went to school for and it is his profession. I am sorry this is scattered, it just really upsets me that AC can do this to people. And what also stinks if Niko is decided by the judge to be a pit we are to be fined $300-$1000 or 90 days in jail for this criminal act. CRAZY!


This is just awful. Poor Niko. What can these KCK officials possibly be thinking? This witchhunt should STOP.

Also, to Niko's owners: After the story on Fox 4, did anyone step up and volunteer to give Niko temporary shelter until the court date?


Put the whole damn system on trial. That AC head deserves to lose his job and not work again. Its above-the-law types like him that give law enforcement a bad name and need to feed their ego for their huge hang-ups. I see it here in my line as a security officer and I don't let BS like that slide.
Also, why don't they just make the person that called the AC pay for KCK's defense, since their so worried about pit bulls in their community. I guess as far as the rest of KCK goes, its okay to not "STOP SNITCHING" on pit bulls.


In Ontario a recent Superior Court ruling deemed, among other things, that reversing the onus (or accepting a certificate from a purported veterinarian as proof of a dog's ancestry) infringes on the right to a fair and impartial hearing.

Contrary to what many believe, veterinarians are not authorized (or trained) to identify dog breeds. The reason that officials use them is because as licensed professionals with a strong code of ethics, their testimony is considered 'expert'.

As there is no such breed as 'pit bull', without using reverse onus, the authorities know they are up the creek. That is why they reverse the burden of proving the impossible onto a defendant.

Good luck with your court case and I hope ol' Nikko comes home soon.

Mac,an Ontario

What is Craig`s List?
And no offense Niko, but you just look like a nice friendly dog(Mutt)to me.
I don`t see Boxer or "Pit".
Take AC and the city to court!
We did and won and we won`t stop till we save the pure breeds.
Go Niko



Craig's List is basically a place for online classified advertising...people use it a lot to look for jobs, apartments, subleases, and I guess dogs...

And yeah, Niko is a cute dog...but I who knows what breed he is...

KCKS Kills Dogs

KCK AC has quite the little racquet going on, and it's been going on for a very long time. It doesn't stop with just mythical pit bulls, either, there are many cases involving all breeds of dogs and horses. If AC thinks they can extort money from pet owners and horse owners they do it. Instead of picking up strays and feral packs of dogs that have plaqued the city streets for years, they spend their time playing these little games. Instead of responding to calls from citizens reporting "vicious dogs" they play these little games.

A few years back the city shelter was so poorly maintained and there were so many violations of healthcodes and proper documentation procedures that the State of Kansas wanted to shut down the shelter, but they didn't because they did not know who would handle intake for this large of an area.

Getting back to the confiscation of pit bulls; AC confiscates any dog they think they can tag PB, even if the dog has paperwork signed by a vet listing another breed. Once KCK AC has the dog they give the dogowner usually 5 days to pull the dog. AC will tell the owner they can sign the dog over to someone in another city and pay the ransom money, usually about $150. AC further pressures the owner telling them their dog will be killed if they don't pay the money and sign the dog over to a new owner. However when the dogowner signs over the dog to the new owner they are basically signing a confession that the dog is a pit bull, the dog can never come back to KCK, and the dogowner now gets to go to court. Once in court the pit bull hating judge can fine the dogowner from $300-$1,000 and/or 90 days in jail. AC will tell the dogowners that the city vet verified their dog is a pit, even though the vet hasn't made it to the city pound. AC will even play little games like asking the dogowner to wait when they come to pull their dog from doom, while they take the dog to the vet and get confirmation on breed ID.

The city pays for the dog to see other vets for breed ID if that is challenged by the dogowner or if the city vet sees the dog and disputes the PB ID. But the city pays for these visits to the other vets, whose charges can be $50+, and basically wastes some more citizens' tax dollars.

Here's the million dollar question I want to ask? Where does all the money AC take in for ransom go? Does the city get the money? Do all the AC staff split the money?

Think about it, if this was a drug bust and the police turned in evidence they thought was crack cocaine and did not have it properly analyzed, and follow proper procedures for evidence, the evidence would be thrown out in a court of law and no fines, or sentence could be handed down.

Being accused of owning an illegal dog (and we all know there is no conclusive way to really know the breed) is one of the only crimes I know where you can be convicted and fined and possibly jailed, by using subjective findings.

On a final note, there are rescuerers in this community that know scandalous behavior is going on within AC, but they are afraid of coming out against AC for fear of being ostracized by friends and/or even killed by the political mafia ruling the city.

a beer sort of girl

This absolutely, positively made me see red when I saw this on the news. It's just so far beyond what is reasonable that I didn't even know what to say.

Amy, I hope you all are able to resolve this, without racking up ridiculous bills & fines!

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