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July 13, 2007


KCKS Kills Dogs

Apparently KCKS AC has an Officer Schwartz that hands down quite a few of the decisions on breed ID. Ofcer Schwartz applied for his job when he was only 18 yrs old, (he is only in his early 20's), had no experience at all working with animals, no law enforcement background or military background. He beat out other candidates that did have those backgrounds; But Ofcer Schwartz has a father that works in the KCKS city government.

Ofcer Schwartz has made this statement about a recent dog confiscated; if the dog has a brindle pattern it's a pit bull. I hope Ofcer Schwartz doesn't go the Woodlands greyhound racetrack anytime soon. He will have to confiscate lots of those brindle patterned greyhounds.

In fact the requirements per the city's website for an AC officer is a clean driving record, proof of residency in Wyandotte County, a GED or a high school diploma. That's it!

Yeah I want these bozos making life and death decisions on people's dogs.


I worried for the safety of my brindle Great Dane, when a crown attorney reportedly argued in court that it's easy to differentiate different breeds. "If it's brindle, it's a 'pit bull'."

(Note: I did not witness this statement. It was relayed to me. But if it's accurate, that says everything we need to know about the kinds of people who support these laws: irretrievably ignorant morons.)



That was stated by a lawyer for the MAG in court. I was there. He went on to add 'if it's black-and-tan, it's a Rottweiler'.

I guess if it's white, it's a @$#% Maltese.


Wow people are so ignorant!I have biten several times by dogs all small dogs,but one,and never a pitbull.Most bites are from either human error or human stupidity,and not an aggressive dog.I seen many humans abuse their so called pets over the years.Leaving them outside year round,24-7 with no contact whatsoever from people or other animals.Hitting,kicking,throwing things at them when they do what dogs are suppose to do{such as bark},when someone knocks or there is a loud noise.Biting is preventable in all breeds and there is no such thing as a dog born aggressive.They are made that way through abuse and neglect.

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