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July 12, 2007



From personal experience, I can tell you that London (Ontario) is a waste of space, for the most part. 'The forest city' leaves a lot to be desired in how it deals with dogs (or people, for that matter).

It's a very, very small town, in spirit. (For instance, there is a "neat & tidy" by-law requiring hedges, etc., to be "maintained". And it IS enforced!)

London passed it's own 'pit bull' restrictions, aside from the provincial ban.


London claimed to have over 300 unlicensed 'pit bulls' in March, 2006. I mocked them in a blog post at that time. Maybe the Freep just reruns old news to fill space and mention 'pit bulls', since we've pretty much proven that they don't exist. London is heavy Ontario Liberal territory.

Animal Control has been actively harassing dog owners, showing up on doorsteps because they thought they saw a 'pit bull' in the window, threatening to confiscate 'pit bulls' (whatever they may be) and generally acting like the Tin Pots they are.

Quite frankly, while I've always licensed my dogs, in the current climate in Ontario and especially in Tin Pot Towns such as London, Windsor, Pembroke, Brantford and others, I might think twice about licensing, especially if I had a media darling as a pet.

That's another byproduct of BSL - rather than getting responsible owners onside and therefore supporting the control of the incompetent as we see in Calgary, it breeds a climate of fear, turns otherwise fine people into pariahs and second-class citizens, pits neighbour against neighbour and results in less support for the offices burdened with keeping the peace, dogwise.

It's a total waste of time and effort, as is proven on a daily basis.

And yes, Marjorie, London, despite its self-advertised squeaky clean image, has a well entrenched criminal underbelly, has had dogfighting rings busted in the past and is generally a place I used to call 'Sin City' before I preferred the Tin Pot Town designation.

All style, no substance, just like our esteemed Attorney General.

Welcome to Ontaristan, where equal rights are a thing of the past and discrimination is the order of the day.

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