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July 11, 2007



The dogs in shelters are not a result of too many dogs. They are a result of too many uncommitted, uneducated owners. That is why most of them are 8 - 10 month old large males or seniors requiring medical attention. There will always be dogs in shelters, unfortunately, just as there always have been.

Spay/neuter compliance is at an all-time high but certainly among the impoverished classes there is room for low-cost clinics so that they too can afford to participate.

My two main problems with AB1634 were the documented health risks associated with infant s/n and the broad stroke approach to dogs that aren't a problem - purebred dogs from ethical breeders/fanciers. Since only 10 - 15% of all dogs are purebred, it would make more sense to address mixed breed dogs which make up the majority of pets and the overwhelming majority of dogs in care.

I'm also opposed to government nannying and prying into personal matters, but that's another issue entirely, as is the unenforceability of such speciously reasoned legislation.

Sounds as though the drugs are wearing off in California. That's a good thing.


Caveat, I agree for the most part but you bring up an issue that just bugs me.

I agree that uncommitted, uneducated owners are the biggest issue - which MSN does not begin to address in any significant way. But there ARE puppies/small dogs in the shelter in KC and pit bull puppies are commonplace (yes, that's a whole other issue). KC Metro kills a LOT of dogs/cats (there IS a cat overpopulation problem at least in KC) - estimates are from 20k - 60k a year. Just from the numbers I'm aware of I KNOW that its at least 20k.

There is also a part of the overpopulation issues that is overlooked - how many of these 8-10 month old dogs were taken in by people that NEVER REALLY wanted the dogs? They went ahead and said "OK" because a neighbor or family member had a litter of mutts they needed to get rid of. They put up with the dog for a while, it lost its cutness and then gets dumped. Yes, that is an uncommitted owner but one that really didn't want to committ in the first place. A lot of these people might not have ended up with dogs had they not been talked into it because someone had an abundance of puppies.

The homeless pet problem is multi faceted - there is NOT just one (or two or three) reasons pets get dumped and killed. Arguing on what the exact reason is, pits rescue/AW/fanciers against each other. Arguing on the semantics of "overpopulation" with a person in rescue (that has to deal with the needless killing of perfectly good pets EVERY DAY) accomplishes NOTHING! There are too many dog/cats and not enough good homes whichever way you look at it - period. And admitting the problem may be in part, to overpopulation does not equate to there being a need for MSN or being in favor MSN.

We (almost) all agree on the solution: Education (which I think we're, as a pet community, are failing miserably at) and voluntary low-cost s/n programs.

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