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June 04, 2007



Prepare to be pissed off! This is real and I got it from the people over at Bully News. I'm going to write a letter to have this person banned because I like to carry personal vendettas against anything that is "Bad for the children!!" Didn't South Park the Movie teach these idiots anything about irrationallty?

You strut along the road with your four-legged magnum by your side.

Leashed, thank goodness.

But menacing nonetheless.

Your pit bull - complete with studded collar - does not impress.

It does not scream macho or gangsta.

All it says is "I'm stubborn enough to own a dog that is inclined to attack and sometimes requires a pry bar because its jaws lock so tight on its prey. I can't afford homeowners insurance because of this risky dog. No neighborhood will allow me in. And I owe thousands in animal-control fines."

That is how pit bull owners should be perceived.

Unfortunately, it's quite the opposite.

To read the rest go to:

So far all I have is; Dear Anne Hart, please play in traffic. Please enjoy these 5 gallons of cows blood that is spilled to keep people from going hunrgy. Just think of it as Pit Bull, since you want to have so much on your hands. Irrational and sick? Yes, but so are you!




I edited the story down -- people can continue to the link you posted if they need (it's the last story from the roundup yesterday - -and yes, I understand not everyone has time to read all the links).

I do recommend trying to write a "nice" much as it irritates me that people can write really ignorant editorials and get by with it, writing something hateful and angry will only provide "proof" for this woman that her opinion of bully owners is "fact". It's not worth feeding the dragon...when the same point can be made with a factual and heartfelt note...although I certainly understand your anger...


Can do, after all, pit bulls saved my life. The letter I'm working on, along with a lot of others for the govenor and a few mayors here are more civil.

Dianne Singer

I'm with you, Brent, factual and reasoned works much better and plays better in the public eye.

Tony, there's so much fact available about bully breeds to refute this woman's uninformed opinion (probably based solely on media reports), that once the anger passes it's easy to write a rebuttal. I understand your anger, I was furious myself but knew that writing in that state wouldn't accomplish anything positive so I walked away from it for a day until I calmed down and could write something that worked. Good luck with your letters!


I too have an irrational fear of Dobies, not because of myths but because I was attacked by four when i was growing up. Entirely the owners fault and I know dogs should not be judged by their breed but it's still there maybe one day I will get over it.

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