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May 24, 2007



Here's my note to them:

Dear HGTV,

I love your network and watch a good number of your programs. I was very excited to watch your program "you should live here". For the most part, it was a great show, but I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED to see Denver listed as the "best place to live if you own a dog". In May of 2005, Denver started enforcing an 18-year old ban on pit bull type dogs. Since that time, several thousand dogs have been yanked from homes and killed only because of what they look like. They are once again facing a challenge on the constitutionality of the law, and their enforcement of it without due process through yet another lawsuit levied by a group of dog owners -- most of whom had pets taken from their homes and killed.

I find it extremely disappointing that HGTV would choose to ignore this merciless killing of people's pets and reward this city for such rutheless behavior. If a city is truly "dog friendly", it should be friendly to all dogs. I would really hope HGTV would do something to note this in their next showing of this's a good special, but has a tragic flaw that its viewers should know about.



Here's mine:

Dear HGTV,

I was surprised to learn that the producers of 'You Should Live Here' believe that Denver is a good place to live for dog owners.

While it's true that dogs are allowed in shops and restaurants (despite the protests of the head of Animal Services) Denver has a reputation across North America as the worst place to live for dog owners.

Owners of short-haired dogs with whip tails have been persecuted in Denver for years. Many have been forced to leave the city in order to protect their pets. Denver is anathema to dog owners who are aware of the issues around dog ownership which we face today, largely due to the dissemination of misinformation by the media and others.

While the 'pit bull', an imaginary breed of dog, is banned in the city, many other dogs unrelated to the 3 to 5 purebreds, many lookalike purebreds and unknown number of mongrels whose ancestry cannot be determined have suffered as a direct result of Denver's 'breed' ban.

One woman had her Bull terrier (not banned) shot in its kennel in the backyard by overly zealous agents who climbed her fence to do it.

On the day that Denver's ban went back into force, a child was killed by a 'family' breed.

People with dogs from Boston terriers to Great Danes have been made to feel unwelcome in Denver.

There are a lot of resources available on the subject. I hope that HGTV, a channel I greatly enjoy, will make use of those resources in future in order to avoid offending knowledgeable dog owners of all breeds across the continent.

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