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May 08, 2007



Additionally Alan Hill and his family have now been elevated to the position of animal behavior experts. The Hill family has even been consulted on city ordinances concerning public safety. I understand victims have a voice too, but to punish innocent dog owners and their dogs is not solving the problem. The Hills are demanding legislation be crafted based on emotions not facts.

I don't mean to sound callous and insensitive, I truly hate to see a horrible attack like this happen to anyone.

But if every victim of every awful crime demanded that every perpetrator of a crime and either the racial class, gender group, or sexual persuasion group the perpetrator belonged to, all be punished along with the perpetrator - well the American public would be crying racism.


The author of this article is an IDIOT. He/She basically argues that bans won't work but thinks we should enforce them anyway.

Where is Independence's conversation about their continuing METH problem? Their murder rate? Their crime in general? There wasn't even ONE conversation about what to do about the sexual predator that kidnapped, raped, tortured & FILMED THE MURDER of two women and kidnapped/raped a 5 year old girl? Apparently an (allegedly) hated male slumlord is more important than two hookers and an innocent child. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE OVER THIS!?! There was more outrage over Imus...that is pathetic.

My sympathy for the Hill clan ended when he took his pain and suffering and used it for his own personal glory and persecution of the innocent, instead of for the betterment of their community. They are our for revenge and the limelight - not justice.

I second what Cheryl said, can you imagine the response if I called for the imprisonment of ALL men because of the ONE that raped me?! It's laughable...But why tackle a real problem when you can pick on those that can't fight back.


Not only are 'pit bulls' not the only culprit (should read culprits), they aren't near the top of the list of biters, despite their popularity.

If he's referring to the purebreds erroneously dubbed 'pit bulls' by the ignorant, they aren't even on the radar. I'm talking about the mutts.

Another idiotic editorial, file it with the rest. One wonders if they teach this topic in journo school these days - the similarity among these pieces, regardless of the geographic location, is striking.

If dogs are roaming, then address that problem.

I'm getting tired of the stupidity displayed by these editorials, not to mention the ignorance.

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