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May 07, 2007



Good post. It's bizarre that ALL dog owners aren't standing in the street waving signs, protesting BSL. It surprised me when we held demos and vigils at first. I thought there'd be 10,000 people lined up down University Avenue. Nope.

Actually, the constituency affected isn't that small - a few purebred bull and terrier types, around 20 lookalikes and thousands upon thousands of mutts.

That's the beauty of the 'pit bull' propaganda machine. First, make the dogs seem different from other dogs. Check. Then, report incidents by 'pit bulls' even if they aren't 'pit bulls' and do it daily. Check. Paint the owners as gang bangers, dealers and other criminal types. Check. Yammer about public safety and get everybody all stirred up. Check. Ban the non-breed, keep it vague, keep everybody off balance and watching the bouncing 'pit bull'. Check. Remove rights from citizens. Check.

Repeat with next non-breed of dog.

If you mess with any breed or mixed breed of dog, you're threatening them all. You're also threatening innocent dog owners to an even greater degree.

Can't have that nonsense.


And don't forget the categorization of all people who oppose the ban as "pit bull supporters" as if they don't care about public safety, their constitutional rights, or public freedom, but that they're these fringe, weirdo Pit bull lovers who care about nothing else other than pit bulls...

And if nothing else, Louisville should serve as a perfect example of why everyone should care when these types of issues come up...

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