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May 25, 2007



Re: Victim's family sues owner of Attacking Great Dane this a real story, or a gag? I mean, I seem to recall reading about it, but this time I noticed the "Crystal Lake" and "Voorhees" components.

The Hollywood folks planted this story, didn't they? If that kid's name is Jason...


Seriously, this post was up for 12 minutes, and you had time to read the whole thing and notice that that was right out of a Friday the 13th Movie?


Uh...I guess timing is everything.

If you tell me what time you're going to post something new that interests me, I'll promise to wait at least a few hours before commenting. Agreed?

But you're right. I should get to bed.


Good god! What's with that N.H. article? They end it by adding a few pit bull attacks, pretty much summing up that all they do is attack in the eyes of most people. Why is it that the number of pit bulls in the US is never brought up? I mean, alone the fact that there are nearly 5 million pit bulls in the US and that are attacks should be enough to maybe make Joe Coffee realize that, in this perfect world some dogs will attack regradless of breed, and maybe the highest populated breed of those dogs will have a high number of attacks because there are a lot of them.
Am I missing something here? I don't know, it just makes sense to me, forgive me if I'm wrong.


I liked the Boxer story.

The owner kept them 'caged' in the backyard while the Shih Tzu was running at large, barking at them, etc, because the Shih Tzu's owners had their fence taken down to put in a pool?

I see, so if my fence is taken down for some reason, I can still just let my dogs out the back door as usual?

The whole neighbourhood sounds a bit off.

Now must read the NH article, thanks to Tony.

Good Roundup this week.


Holy 'pit bull'! Tony wasn't kidding.

That's one of the most comprehensive articles to date outlining media tricks and the tendency to quote unaccredited experts as well as to provide misinformation to the readership.

One thing that always annoys me is the misuse of the term 'euthanize'. Euthanasia means putting someone out of their misery as a last kindness, whether due to massive trauma or incurable terminal illness.

To say that Denver 'rounded up 'pit bulls' and euthanized them' irritates me no end. They put them to death because of their appearance.

The focus on the handful of annual dog bite-related fatalities is pathetic. Such a statistically rare event cannot be used to predict any kind of trend, especially with respect to a particular shape of an animal.

It also annoys me when those who are trying to help indicate by their comments that 'pit bulls' are different from other dogs.

As for rehabbing fighting dogs, well, if you look back, all the fighting dogs were also family pets, especially in the UK where they shared their master's bed and board. I tend to agree that if you have two dogs, one traumatized through neglect and abuse, one dropped off because the owners lives have changed but the dog has been fairly well looked after, the more adoptable dog should get a spot if space it tight. However, it's simply not true that dogs cannot be rehabilitated - they are one of the most adaptable animals on Earth, which is why they hooked up with us millennia ago.

I'm super tired of the 'when 'pit bulls' bite, it's worse than with other breeds' meme. Nonsense. Any 40 - 50 pound dog will inflict the same damage. It depends on the personality and motivation of the individual dog. As for the Greyhound killed by 'pit bulls', that experience is one I hope never happens to me and my pets; however, a Greyhound at an average weight of 75 lbs, is not a 'much smaller dog' than an APBT at 35 - 50 lbs, if that's what they mean by 'pit bull'.

I could go on, but this ain't my blog.

Thanks, Tony, I'm all riled up again!


Just when I thought people and the media couldn't get any more stupid.....

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A mixed breed pit bull attacks and severely injures the owner's 3-year-old granddaughter.
Raymond Stanley, the girl's grandfather, told NBC Action News what lead up to the moment when the dog chomped down on the toddler's face and would not let go.

"The little girl asked me if she could take a biscuit, a dog biscuit, and give it to the dog," said Stanley.

Stanley still had his granddaughter's blood on his shirt as he shared what happened next at his home in the 5100 block of E. 23rd. "I heard the dog barking and chewing at something," he said. "You know, and [I'm] looking around there and he had my little granddaughter."

He said he had to fight the chow-pit bull mix to get it to release the child.

Animal control officers said the toddler suffered severe injuries and will probably be disfigured. The dog was not current on its shots; therefore authorities have already euthanized it to check for rabies.

"I'm hurting for my granddaughter and I'm also hurting for losing my dog," said Stanley. "Cause I loved them both."

The owner kept the dog chained on his front porch. Now, he said his granddaughter should have never been left alone with the animal. And he has a message for others.

"Don't have that kinda dog around children," said the grandfather. "Don't have that kinda dog around children."

Hospital officials said the 3-year-old child was first taken to Children's Mercy Hospital and then taken to the University of Kansas Medical Center for reconstructive surgery. There is no word on her condition.



INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – A 3-year-old child is recovering from surgery after she was attacked by her grandfather's dog.
Little Olia Stanley was trying to feed the chow-pit bull mix a treat when the dog attacked, her grandfather told NBC Action News.

She was rushed to an area hospital where she underwent surgery and is said to be in fair condition.

Her grandfather Raymond Stanley said he had to fight the dog to get it to let go of the little girl. She suffered severe injuries to her head and neck.

The dog was euthanized and officials are testing it for rabies.



-Lewis Black / How I feel at the moment.

AND WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE VIDEO!!!![email protected]

Raymond Stanley, your an idiot, I hope your little granddaughter is okay, and may god have mercy on your soul.

I'll be the first to say, its fine that the dog is no longer with us. But I can't begin to list all the ways how this was not that dogs fault. Please see the video.......I'll see you at IHOP everyone!



Raymond Stanley would qualify as an idiot, alright.

Did you notice how the concrete was worn away around the rusty chain? That dog was out there for awhile.

Too many things wrong but of course it's a 'pit bull' story so the facts don't mean much.

IHOP, here I come!


"...a message for others:"

Don't have that kinda grandparent around children. Don't have that kinda grandparent around children.

Apparently it's a mystery to people like this, how the majority of dog owners have dogs (yes...including 'pit bulls') and children together without any mishaps whatsoever. They must think it's magic or some kind of alien technology...

When only about 1 in 8 dogs bite (usually their owners), and much less than 1% of those bites are more serious than a skinned knee, I don't know why anyone would take advice given by one of the fools who can't do even the most basic things right, in caring for dogs or children.

This guy has absolutely nothing to offer on the subject of dog bite prevention.

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