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May 02, 2007



I am the owner of a black lab mix, named Isabella. When Isabella was a puppy, if this incident had happened with her, not only would the media not have reported it, the school would never have even called animal control.

Schools also have a responsiblity to make sure their students aren't disturbing other people's property that borders the playground. Schools also have a responsibility to teach children about dog bite prevention and appropriate behavior around animals, cause their parents sure aren't teaching them.


One young reader wrote to about an incident that happened at her school.

Get this, her entire school was allegedly put on "lock down" because a man had been spotted walking a puppy that was believed to be a 'pit bull', in the vicinity of the school. No one was allowed to leave until the percieved "danger" had passed.

Good grief, even that child thought it was ridiculous.


People are pretty easy to scare, aren't they? Evil people throughout history have known that. If you can get them to fear, especially if it's irrational, you can control them.

Bird 'flu, trans fats, getting old, road rage, dogs, ethnic groups, illegal aliens, the list is almost endless. Pick one, start the hype and you're off to the races.

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