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May 09, 2007



Here we go. Same story same type of bullshit to come. This also happens with a different type of property and the story is the same.

Girl gets wounded by gun, father had it in a door(that wasn't locked or unloaded or a gun safe) she nearly died. Of course the reason she got shot was because the gun just all of a sudden went off. And we should ban all guns because of it. Its not the owner's fault ever. And kids will be kids of course, what kid of a world are we living in where they can't play with any type of gun and not get killed.
I'm not comparing pit bulls to guns either but they both have the same fall out when something happens because of them. And I would like to ask parents this. "Would you let your children play around the dog that walks around the neighborhood looking for something, maybe and usually ANYTHING to eat?" If so, your a dumbass and need to have your kids taken away.
Yet again idiots ruin everything for those that are responsible.


Agreed Tony, how about those 5 gallon buckets of water or swimming pools? Around 350 kids under 5 drown in swimming pools EVERY YEAR!!! I repeat, around 350 kids under 5 drown in swimming pools EVERY YEAR!!!

Children drowning in bathtubs account for about two-thirds of 459 reported drowning deaths (between 1996 and 1999) in the home. The majority of these bathtub deaths occur WHEN THE CAREGIVER IS NOT PRESENT.

See a theme people? And just think about how many lives the media might be able to save if they actually did some solid reporting.


It's funny how this story has been reported all over the continent, repeatedly, and is still popping up in my news alerts.

Remember the kid who had her face ripped up by the Golden Retriever a few weeks ago? The story died within a day.

Something is wrong when the media is so obviously sensationalizing items for proft.

Something is also wrong when people who haven't got a pot to p**s in are allowed to keep dogs, often multiples, without having the financial or educational resources to properly feed, house, train and provide medical care for those dogs.

I know dogs chew up their houses, but that's a pretty sad picture. Why don't people keep their dogs in the house except for play time in the yard or walks? This wasn't a farm dog who can run around all day and sleep in a nice, warm barn.

It also, as you point out, wasn't much of a pet, from the looks of things.


Can you post a link to that Golden Retriever story? I'm not sure if I saved that for my records and I want to make sure I did.



On the lefthand column, toward the bottom, you can find a "categories" section -- click on "dog attacks" on that and you can find everything that I've ever tagged as a dog attack article -- the Golden Retriever attack article ran on March 23 -- the story about kids in Dallas.


Thanks, I did have that one.


There was another one in Ontario, Canada just prior to the Dallas incident. I have a PDF of the newspaper article, here's a link to City-TV's report which is still available:

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