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April 30, 2007



You know the other thing that grabbed me was the "work their way into the local pet gene pool" comment. If all pit bulls are inherently dangerous and all are the same, what would there be "work in" to the local gene pool? By her logic, if all pit bulls are this way, if there is no distinction between fighting dogs in a keep and Petey hanging out with Our Gang, this is essentially apples working there way into the local apple gene pool. But what is underneath her comment, what she is implicitly acknowledging as she tries to expressly assert the opposite is that there is a difference. If fighting dogs have to "work their way into the local gene pool" then they are not interchangeable, they are not the same, and what you have is oranges working their way into the local apple pool. Stupid bitch.


While I often write to the press in an attempt to educate them, this twit isn't worth the time.

You nailed it. It's funny how simple logic can always shoot down these vapid columns, isn't it?

I doubt that anyone suggested a 'pit bull' should chew her head off. Reminds me of Michael Bryant on the last day of the Ontario hearings. He walked in flanked by police in uniform, said he'd receive death threats.

If he did, they weren't from us. It is far more rewarding to humiliate him in court and expose him as a sham - just like this silly journalist who is so desperate for attention she even starts off saying she will get it.

She won't get any from me - that would be positive reinforcement.

These people are so pathetically ill-informed.


Caveat that is the same thing one of the city council people did in Independence, MO. Paluka White, would leave city council meetings (and there were many) with a full police escort to her car. She alluded to the same thing as your Michael Bryant, that she had received threats. What grandstanding and lies these persons of authority and influence spout.

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